Custom unicycles period.

So this is for people who have unicycles they have built up from parts from all over the place, or parts they don’t know the origins of, or just don’t care. It could be a KH, it could be a K1, it could be a bedford, but it can’t be stock parts.

I’m hoping to see some super custom jobs, and hopefully very few “I changed the seatpost clamp and the pedals guys! look how cool I am.”

I’m going to make this a game too.

To post a picture of your uni, you must first name all the parts on the person ahead of you’s uni.

Since you would have to rely on the original poster coming back and checking, I’m going to say that if another person backs up your choice of parts then you can go ahead.

And you can play as many times as you have unicycles, but lets try and avoid bc wheels and ultimate wheels since alot of the time those are mostly hand made parts and make it too easy for people.

I will get things rolling with my coker.

O and try and post pics that leave all the parts visible.

edit: sorry one of those pics is upside down, and I realise its hard to take a pic of the whole uni and keep all parts visible, so whatever this game isn’t serious just do what yall can.

coker2pic resize.jpg

coker pic resize.jpg

i have that exact same powder coat job on one of my unis.
oh wait colors are flipped

I dont know enough about cokers to take a shot at those parts. All I know is the seat… And my uni isnt really custom. I just slowly put it together and now it looks basically like a KH so I wont bother.

just take a quick peak on UDC or custom coker threads and you will find the majority of my parts.

Wow, that coker is hideous. I think that you want attention to your awesome uni collection?

Is that a geared hub next to it?

Looks to be a freewheeling hub, the geared hubs are too pretty.

Its a Harper hub, I already asked him;)

Ouch I got killed, I can’t believe I just did that, I would have thought that a custom uni thread would be more active than the company specific custom threads. Thats sad that I forgot about that though.

Hah really?! I just took a couple rattle cans out while I was waiting for the wheel to be built and dusted the frame. The paint is already chipping, and I don’t like the paint job so I will probably repaint it next season.

I hope you mean hideous like the kids say! I think I totaly do, but more I havn’t ridden in ages, and I need something uni to do, so I took some pics.

And yeah its the original Harper hub (first ever geared 36), Ryan is storing it at my place cause he ran out of room.

Wups Spencer already covered that.

And since nobody likes my game, then screw it, post some ass kicking unis!