Custom uni handlebars

Hey fellow unicyclists!
I’ve been experimenting with some simple unicycle handle designs that attach to the seat post. I have a friend (Bronson Silva of ) who is also a long-time unicyclist, and he recently started building custom bike frames. He said he would gladly reproduce the handle design I have here for anyone who wants them. Here’s some pictures from Nathan:

Nathan has been using the above version and said it works great for him. I also have another version that telescopes the handle up and down via a braze on clamp – that version also works well, and allows more adjustments.

It is constructed out of steel; my versions use old bike tubes, but Bronson would purchase new tubing to construct one for anyone who wants one. It is steel (not lightweight like aluminum), and the welds are brazed together.

It works quite well, and if anyone is interested in getting a copy made let me know and I can get you in touch with Bronson. I’m unsure of how much it would cost, but I’d estimate $100 (they would be hand made by a custom fabricator who does excellent work.).


Nice Corbin, looks clean and simple.
I watched the video from FEbs 1st and was impressed with Beau getting scary. Beau downhill with feet off the pedals

I’d be interested in one, but I have a 22.2mm seatpost, so would it work?

Thats some next level stuff right there!

Yeah, it would work; Bronson can make it with any tube size, and simply braze on seat post clamps to allow it to clamp together. It works quite well, and is what I did on my second version.

I should also mention another disadvantage: most bar ends that I have found are not 22.2 mm wide, but are instead wider. This makes it difficult to mount a magura brake handle on them, as they are made for 22.2 mm. However, you can easily keep a brake mounted under seat and use the existing KH handle (or whatever else you have). Or, use some other brand of bake that fits it, or find bar-ends that are 22.2 mm (or we weld them in place, and they aren’t adjustable).

Anyways, shoot me an email if you are interested: cd at bluetreesoft <dot> com and we can work out details. We may have to get a certain number of people willing to buy them before Bronson actually commits to it, since he’d have to order steel and all.


In the future I might just be interested in a boom about 60cm long that can clamp onto a 27.2 seatpost and has a 22.2mm pipe at the front.