Custom triton with 24,26,29,32" wheels

How much for the 125/150 moments?


Hi Eric. Bryce Here. I’m interested. I just sent you a PM


pm sent

O.o What a collection!

Whoa man… a 32" wheel?

Two questions, how much would it go for separately, and where could I buy a 32er frame?

For a 32er frame, you’d either have to buy/build a custom frame or get a 36er frame I think.

OK guys. I have a few offers on the frame and nobody interested in the wheels so far.

If anyone is interested in one or more of the wheels I will definitely entertain offers for those as well.

I will wait until the end of the month then accept what I think is the best offer or combination of offers if multiple people want different parts.

Offers may be public (on this thread) or private (PM)

I won’t share details of private offers on this thread but will post who gets what at the end so everyone knows I am not “double selling” or any such nonsense before asking for money.

CampinSam: Yup a 32" wheel.

Wallmart has bikes now with 32" wheels but this one was first. HERE is a thread I made about it shortly after finishing it.

It is an oddball size and you need to build your own tires for it. I am not 100% happy with the tire that is on there now but it should last a few hundred km. If you built a skinny road tire for it you could run it in a tall 29er frame like a new Oracle frame but with the current tire you are stuck with either a custom job like my frame or run a 36" frame with lots of extra leg over the tire. I would rather not sell the 32" wheel to someone who is not comfortable with the idea of building a new tire if the current one fails. It is actually the tire from the start of this thread re-shrunk.

I don’t guarantee any of my sewn together tires but will guarantee the wheels are well built and reasonably round and true (think ±1mm)

You’d have to use a 36er frame or an Oregon. There are no 32" frames I know of.

Well I got a couple more offers but I am surprised there really isn’t much interest in the wheels at all.

I know I said I would keep this sort of secret bid kind of thing but I will throw out some numbers here to help people know what kind of $$$ I am looking for.

For the frame: will consider anything over $600, I have a couple offers

For the wheels: Individually I wouldn’t sell any wheel for less than $60.

Note on 32" wheel: The tire is currently about 2mm too tall for the Triton frame. Sorry, I should have tested it before posting. It would still be fine in a 36" frame.

Sending pm on 29er wheel.


To Whom It May Concern: I’ll pass on the 29 wheel.

For those looking for shipping costs. I will most likely be shipping via Canada Post from S0P-0B0. I would also consider courier from Flin-Flon Manitoba if it’s cheaper, but it’s generally hard to beat Canada Post for international stuff.

For multiple American buyers it might make sense for you guys to combine shipping to one person then distribute from there. I can get you guys in touch with each-other at the end of the month if you want and you guys can figure it out.

The 29" wheel won’t go for $60. I really like that 29x50 rim and if sold I would have to replace it with a Rabbit Hole. Basically I included it because it goes really well with the frame but am not likely to sell it separately.

OK guys since yesterday I got 4 PMs from people asking how much something would be to ship and if certain things were still available.

I am accepting offers on everything listed until the first of July, so until then EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE.

I have been letting people know if they are high bider or not. The nature of bidding on a item means that an offer may be accepted, refused or someone else might offer more.

Please stop asking what something would cost. I can’t predict what someone else might bid but I can give you my minimum (if you bid less than that you are wasting your time).

You can figure out the shipping yourself. Go to the Canada Post website, click on the Canada, USA, or international icon next to the TO field, enter S0P 0B0 in the FROM field then fill out the details.

I will make the boxes as small as possible by removing tires etc. The rims will have approximately 3" smaller diameter with no tire than their numerical size (26" rim fits in 23" box). hub width is about 6 inches.

I am going to be checking the forums regularly until friday, then I am going camping and won’t have internet, cell coverage, or any other way of someone getting ahold of me except driving up north, getting in a boat, going to the far side of the lake and yelling really loud. So if I don’t answer a PM on the weekend I am not intensionally ignoring you.

After the weekend and the fireworks (July 1 is Canada Day) I will head back to civilization and contact all the people who made offers and we can figure out payment and shipping details for whoever is getting the goods.

I’m just about to buy a who 29er for pretty cheap, if for some reasons it doesn’t work out, I’d probably be bidding on that nice fat 29er wheel :slight_smile:

That fat 26" wheel looks also very tempting. I can’t buy another 26er though haha!

Hey Jacob, you know that some of this stuff is destined for your doorstep sooner or later anyway. It seems like half the stuff I sell on here ends up in Gatineau. I will probably sell some more stuff at the end of summer before heading to Uzbekistan.

Next time will be a conventional sale. All this silent auction / sealed bid stuff seems to have confused the masses.

The only thing holding me back from buying that nice 29er wheelset is the fact that I wont have a frame for it before september, or maybe later.

And now, that 29er I was supposed to buy, I cant have it before mid-july, that means not before I get back from Naucc… It makes yours tempting. I need a welding machine badly right now haha!

Hey guys, sorry it took so long but here is the recipient list.

Frame - Fatlazypig

24 and 26" wheels - Knoxuni canceled

Amazingly that is it.

Thanks for playing


frame has arrived
looks amazing, the build quality (judged on the cosmetic appearence of the welds ) looks amazing
cant wait to get this thing rolling

thanks again Eric

cheers Pete