Custom Torker DX Unicycles.

Yeah, I just wanted to be cool and fit in with all the thread making lately.

man, there are gonna be A LOT of ugly unis in this thread

that is so true.

not really custom but here goes…

That is so freaking hideous. LOL. At least it looks happy.

Here’s mine. I don’t think it’s too ugly…

My goal is to eventually make it all black with just the green pedals. I’ve got a black seatpost waiting to be put on, but I’m gonna wait till this one breaks. Then I’ll have rim, cranks, and saddle cover left.

The only things I’ve changed on it so far are seatpost, frame (nimbus 2), pedals (hoffman’s), and cranks (150’s!). Plus a hideous seat with about 1/2 inch of foam left and no back bumper.

Not to sound like a jerk but I think my old DX (now Jordans) is the only one in this thread so far which doesn’t look entirely hideous.

Thats not my arm by the way.

dude. mine isnt hideos. its competely stock…( not now but it is in the pic)

your comment contradicted it/
mine isnt hideous ( it is/was a dx)
dx= ugly

Shouldn’t we be writing reviews in these forums? Perhaps we should have a section for uni pics.

Whoa that foam on that seat is nuts! How does that feel?

Thats not too bad, nice crank colour, but ugly seatpost clamp, and yeah…Not bad, you win so far.

Dude, what are you talkin’ about, it’s “Ballin”.

Seriously? The Primo Viking is one of the most BA clamps out there:


Odyssey somethingorother… I’ve had this clamp for a couple years now.

I’ll even give reasons why.

Drilled for cooler look with chamfers of raw aluminum

I didn’t buy it in any sizes except 22.2mm so it only fits Norco Unicycle frames and a few others I can’t remember.

The Primo Viking though

Burly strength
People will notice the huge chunk of aluminum

Bolts screw into the clamp body and not into replaceable nuts?
$12 more than twice the price of my ownage Odyssey clamp
Weight compared to mine
Size… WTF?
Very brute design. Might as well just be square on the other side too.


Borgschulze, i don’t get why evryone says stuff about your uni…I mean, it doesn’t look like some uber powdercoated amazing thing, but it doesn’t look bad…I think it looks pretty good.

because it looks wierd. not matching…christmas colors. ewww!

Haha somone should just put this thread on the custom qu-ax uni thread together. Then put the custom K1 and KH threads together. That way we could look at the awesome-o ones and the not-so-awesome-o ones.

I dont think so…Quax look just as great as a KH and Koxx…And performance are just as good…so yeah…