Custom Splined Torker Hub Trials Uni

I have decided to sell my trials uni. I built the frame from a high end Tang cromo mountain bike fork which is very srong and stiff. It has a long stem and fits a 25.4 seatpost but I would throw in a seatpost sizer for $10 if you want to use a 22.2 seatpost. I built one just like it for unibrow and I think he is happy with it. I bought the hub/cranks from Jaguar and they were previously on his freestyle uni. It has 127mm cranks and the hub and cranks are perfect. It has a nimbus 48 spoke rim and I laced it myself with UDC spokes. It is laced with a BMX 4cross pattern with the spokes crossing under the third and over the fourth this pulls the spokes in closer to the hub for grinds. It has a new never riden Maxis CC tire and a Salsa lip lock seatpost clamp but I would switch it for a two bolt nimbus clamp and knock $10 off the price. It is powder coated and it is perfect not a scratch.

I am asking $250 plus shipping and selling it without pedals and seat/seatpost. Except for the hub and cranks it is compleatly new. I just don’t ride trials and I would rather put the money into something else.

Heres what I have in it.

Hub/Cranks $60 including shipping
Rim $35
Spokes $19
Bearing holders $15
Recesed hex nuts for bearing holders $8
Fork $20
Powder coating $30
Salsa seatpost clamp $16
Shipping from UDC $15

                                 Total         $218

The color is realy much better than it comes out in the pictures

green uni 004.jpg

One more

sry i am confused… 127 torker cranks ?

you’re asking 250 plus shipping, but you say all the stuff from UDC is 218 total, i don’t get it?

The extra $32 is for building the wheel and the frame.

This realy isn’t much It took me at least four of five hours to build it then I had to take it 50 mile to have it powdercoated.

Yeah 127mm long

I’ll buy the wheelset

I’ll take the built wheel, hub, cranks, bearings and bearing holders…will you ship to AB, Canada? How much for that stuff?

O ya - I might forget I posted here, so email me…