Custom Qu-Ax unicycles

Let sea whats custum Qu-Ax unicycles do you have :slight_smile:

My Qu-Ax custom trial uni

Here’s Mine. It has a Yellow KH Fusion Street with yellow qu-ax bumpers. Green Animal Hamilton pedals or plastic lx pedals, depending. Every thing else is standard except my seat post is welded ( it broke)

man, there are gonna be A LOT of extremely ugly unis in this thread

2nd time you have posted that. but once again it is true

It’s ok, their strength makes up for their ugliness;)

I think Qu-ax’s are the nicest looking unicycles actually.

At least they don’t look like this…heh heh…

I’m not using these pedals anymore…but i think it looks pretty sexy with blue Jim C’s

the only good looking thing here so far is the blue jim c;s

matt’s looks quite decent

I agree. I’d say Matt’s is the best so far.

Definately matt’s. The white looks pretty good with the yellow

Here’s some “better” pics lol:D .

  1. Old picture with 05 KH

  2. Picture from today

3.2nd picture from today

So nobody has realized that the Torker DX and the Qu-Ax hub are pretty much identical, along with the cranks… just that the cranks are longer, and the hubs are different colours.

Not really. The hubs are different sizes and colors. The cranks are only similar in that they both have a crank and pinch bolt. They are different colors, shapes, weights, and lengths. The frame is also a different shape. The seat is similar, but also different. The seatpost clamp that comes on the torker is crap compared to the one on the Qu-ax. Then there’s the rim which is also different. The new Qu-ax also has a different seatpost.

If you want to say that Qu-ax’s and Torkers are similar, you might as well say that all unicycles are similar (which they are in a sense, but not when you’re comparing individual components).

Well said, but don’t forget the frame! The qu-ax has the superior nimbus II style frame.

torker dx cranks have way more Q factor too.

I think its the other way around, the DX cranks are straight, which gives less Q-factor. Qu-Ax has cranks that angle out, giving the unicycle more q-factor than a DX.

stupid question, but is it better to have a lower or higher Q-factor for trials and street? I know you want shorter q-factor for freestyle but does bigger/smaller affect your jumping in any way?

my new wheel comes tomorrow, ill post a pic then!