Custom Qu-ax for sale


Some of you may have seen this before; I bought the frame in like, AHH 08? It sat around for a while and then the wife decided she wanted it. It’s been ridden but not abused, Id call it about 90-95%. She’s not riding it anymore and I would like a flatland rig around the house sooo it’s up for sale.

I’d like $225.00 obo; I’d probably cover the shipping to the lower 48 states if the buy price is close to that $225.00 or I’d be willing to trade for Black Domina II etc in equal shape.

Normal scratches, none that I can see on the frame, a small 1/4" tear on the front nose of the seat from it tipping over in the garage onto the edge of my tool box. It’s not growing and I saw little reason to buy a seat cover when the rest of the seat is in such good shape.

Most of you will know the components by sight but to my best recollection,

K1 street rim and reinforced hub, Creepy crawler ( Still has nubs on it ), 140mm K1 reinforced cranks, Animal pedals Unsealed, Nimbus Chromalloy post, Nimbus seat clamp, K1 seat, and a Qu-ax trials frame with brake mounts.
Any questions or detailed picks please let me know,

Muskegon MI 49442

I should not type while tired, the frame is Chromoly. Chromalloy is a large international corporation which of course would be hard to make a frame from.

Brake mounts on a 20 wtf :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh I almost ground them off, but they don’t get in the way so I left them. I’m not sure what Qu-ax was thinking, someone at the company must have been convinced little muni kids had the money for hydraulics.

No Trades anymore. Found a great deal on a used Domina II, so I’m dropping it to 190.00 obo.

Its on Ebay now.