Custom Mad4One Unicycles

Post your unicycles that have Mad4One parts here!

Yesterday I fixed up my unicycle, tightened the spokes, re taped my seat, fixed some stuff and put some new stuff on. :slight_smile: Just getting it back to 100% for NAUCC. Anyway, here are the pictures.

Edit: Those are bigger than I thought, sorry.

I like it, havnt seen those madadapters on a built up uni before. The bolts are kinda ugly though :o

Makes it easier to change the cranks out though? I don’t own any rollos so I dunno.

Looks sick though JB

The isis bolts, not the ones on the disks.

why do you tape your seat like that?

I do the same on my seat…

Tape on the handle covers the hole so that you don’t get your fingers trapped in it.
And the tape on the cover is to help hold the cover where it should be and cover up any rips in the cover.

I love the madapters :heart: And yeah the ISIS bolt on that side is pretty ugly, the one on the other side has a little black cover thing on it that makes it look a bit better, I don’t really mind though.

Tape the handle to keep my fingers out of the hole, and I tape the cover to try and make it last longer. I have a carbon fiber base so the only thing that gets ruined on my seat is the cover, and they don’t sell them separately :(. when I took it apart I found that the back of the cover at like the base of the bumper is completely separated, I tried to tape it back together but we’ll see how it lasts.

nice one julia!
here’s mine, only mad4one part is the hub. :slight_smile:

spec is…
Impact seat, Axel base
KH post
Impact longneck, impact clamp
monty eagle claw tyre
kh rim
mad4one hub - white spokes
k1 light cranks



You can buy some seat covers separately:


does anyone have mad4one hub on a MUni?

Edd Hawkes ran one for a while until he bust his KH 24" rim, to the best of my knowledge he hasn’t built it up into any wheel yet.

Also I think Jacob Spera rides one on his 24" street beast :stuck_out_tongue:

Turtle does: Mountainuni Disk Brake Setups

I run a Mad4One 36F hub on my 24" MUni (called “Lilith”) and I’m in love with it.

I laced the wheel myself with Sapim 14G spokes and it’s bomb-proof, and still soooooo light!

Here she is :wink:

Pretty nice Muni!

Almost identical to Edd’s. I love the white QX frames.

Yep, and it wasn’t bomb proof.
Did this on the 3rd or 4th ride…

I do love the Qu-Ax frame though :slight_smile:

what were you doing :o maybe i wont buy a mad4one hub now…