Custom Kris Holm Unicycles

It is just really scratched, 'cause the paintjob sucked… but I’m glad you like it… :smiley:

Haha! It ended up pretty cool though, I like it:) But I think you should have a orange seatclamp also:p

I figured I should get around to posting this, so here it is

09 KH seat w/ stiffener
kh post
kh longneck
kh drilled rim
k1 reinforced hub
k1 street cranks
tryall kinda bald
oddessy twisted pc
k1 white single bolt

I’m already sick of the kris holm blue though so its probably time for a paint job.

WOW :astonished: i love your rim what is it of?

and how did you do it?

did you just draw on it?

Its graffiti, my friend painted it for me.

But what did he paint it with?? I don’t guess he could do that with spray paint cans… and could we get a close up photo… it would be quite nice… :smiley:

I’m pretty sure he painted it with acrylic paint, and then cleared it.
Hows this?

Sweet uni. Just get a new paintjob on the frame and it will look amazing!

a white frame and graffiti on the sides that would look cool

when you find a CF bash that will fit the 09 saddles let me know.

a cf base fits anything lol.You just stick the 09 foam and 09 cover on top of the base.better to use the old -09 foam though

It’s freakin’ awesome :astonished:

ok cheers I’ll have to try it out.

My new unicycle

Wow! That’s a really white uni, you dont want to ride in mud with that:p Do you have drilled moment cranks?

WOW that looks sweet I really like your seat…

Dope rim.

Such a frickin sweet rim

Wow, where did you get the Addict saddle??

EDIT: Is the white handle and bumper stock on an Addict saddle?

No its not. You can get the white handle/bumper from Ajata.