custom Kris Holm KH20 with upgrades

Hi all,

I’m selling my custom KH20 trials unicycle. I haven’t ridden it really this year, and if I get back into unicycling stuff, it’ll probably be freestyle.


-KH Fusion Street Saddle with Carbon Fiber Base
-KH Forged Seatpost 27.2
-White Koxx-One Seatpost Clamp
-KH20 Frame (2005)
-Monty Eagle Claw 20x2.6" Tire (not even close to bald in any spots, very good condition)
-KH20 Rim 36 Offset Spokes
-Super Strong Stainless Steel Nipples (I used to break tones of the stock KH nipples, so I got them replaced with these and haven’t broken one)
-KH Ti Hub
-KH Moment Cranks 137mm
-Odyssey Twisted Pedals & Wellgo MG1 Magnesium Pedals

It’s been very well maintained, and nothing is cracked, bent or rusted.

$900 CAD




If you decide to part out, I would LOVE the seat and the seatpostclamp. And maybe even the rim and spokes.

Sorry, but there’s no way I’m taking the wheel apart and just selling the rim and spokes. Sorry. :slight_smile:


How about the seatpost clamp and seat? How much for that.

I love the picture on the roof. Doing some hardcore unicycling. :slight_smile:

what parts would you be willing to sell seperatly cuz i would love to have the frame, clamp and seatpost…

I’m not really interested in parting it out. Unless someones wants the whole wheel and someone wants the frame, seapost, seat, and clamp…

I’d prefer to sell the whole thing…


I would like the wheelset and MG1 pedals, but I think postage to Australia would be a killer?

Noooo!!! Why Isaac!!! I loved your style so much:( But I knew you would quit, you should just get back on it and see how fun is unicycling… anyway, good luck with you sell.


Would be interested in trading for a nice mountain bike or BMX. Also would be interested in trading for DSLR camera lenses and bodies.


Don’t quit that’s just plain dumb

So here’s what I think: I think that you should not sell it cause after it’s gone you’ll be sad. Also I think you should wait a year to see if you really don’t ride at all anymore. Trust me you will be sad

yeah…a bit diff, but… i sold my 950$ trek and regret it deeply…to put toward uni stuff. i coulda just saved, and kept my road bike.

Price Reduced

$850 cad

Final Price Drop

Final Price Drop :: $800 CAD


Trade me?

Check it VVVV

Sorry, I don’t really want a Muni… :stuck_out_tongue:

droooooooooooooooooooool. i want. cant afford :stuck_out_tongue: