Custom Impact unicycles

there’s wasn’t any custom impact uni thread so i created it :stuck_out_tongue:
all the uni is impact parts except of the rim and the seat clamp
-titanium exceed hub
-impact groovy 140mm cranks
-impact all bran white pedals
-impact reagent white frame
-black bunnycyle seatclamp
-impact noweld black seat post carbon seat frame with impact naomi white seat cover
-try all sticky white tire
-multicolor rim tape made from a store bag :smiley:
-home made yellow simple wall try all rim with some paint job (blue green pink added)

the weight of the uni is around 4.2kg

– bobousse

first time i’ve heard of impact, but i like it.

impact is the new name of addict

Nice unicycle and the rim is cool! But 4,2 kg is too little, so mind the strong wind :smiley:

thats pretty sweet…

Why did addict change names to impact??? (sounds cooler lol)

I think there was already a bike company named addict and they had to change it or something.

ok makes sense now

Does Impact have a new logo yet?

They didn’t change much…here’s the new logo and my custom impact unicycle

Impact seat
Impact seatpost
Impact double seatpost clamp
KH longneck frame
Impact wheelset
KH 125mm moment cranks
Impact all bran pedals
Try-All white tyre


The flanges on that hub look tiny! Is it even possible to change a spoke without removing the bearings?


yes you have to remove the bearings to change spokes, but someone who has the money to have a titanium hub has the money for a bearing extractor i think

a small flanges wont be bent… plus you gain some weight haha

Seat: Impact
Seatpost: Impact
Frame: Impact
Pedals: Impact
I’ll get the rest impact parts next week (:

And if I have the money, where can I buy this hub?

i don’t know when the hub will be avalaible, you can check for impact distributors on imapct website

– bobousse

how are the all bran pedals good compared to odyssey pc plastic or eastern plastics?

all bran pedals, are not classics pedals, it’s made from plastic and fiber so that it’s stronger
i rode those pedals for more than 6 months and i ride between 1/5 hours per day each day and i have no problem with those pedals yet
so believe me it’s pretty good pedals :wink:

– bobousse

Picture of unicycles assembled at our shop.

Awsome looking unicycles, Specially the one with the green rim and seat clamp. :slight_smile:

Here is my custom uni:

-Impact seat
-Kris Holm seatpost
-Impact single seatpost clamp
-Qu-ax frame (QX series)
-Impact wheelset
-KH 137mm moment cranks+rollos
-Impact all bran pedals
-Maxxis CC