Custom Freewheel 29" for sale

[Sold] Asking $650 USD Available for shipping to the US (message me about shipping) or local pick up in the Charlotte, NC area

The wheel was custom assembled by UK. Works beautifully and coasts nicely. I’m selling it because I don’t tend to ride it as much as my standard uni. The seat has some scuff marks from when I was learning but otherwise it’s in good condition. This unicycle is surprisingly light weight and the freewheel action is completely silent with no ratcheting noise

This build also has a the Qu-ax Pipifax freewheel which is nearly unobtainium in the US

Frame: Nimbus 29"
Tire: Duro Crux 29+ x 3.25
Hub: Qu-Ax Pipifax freewheel hub
Rim: Nimbus Five-Five
Brake: Shimano 4-piston hydraulic brakes
Cranks: Samox E3 160mm


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