Custom Freestyle Unicycles

Post Them Up!!!
Here’s mine to start…
Nimbus X, Upgraded parts:
89mm cranks
single bolt clamp
freestyle front bumper
Primo “Wall” Tire
Awesome plastic pedals I found on ebay!


looks similar to mine
mine is a chrome nimbus w/90’s. a red “wall” tire stock pedals and yea…

I never actually understood the idea of having a uni for exclusively doing freestyle on. Is the attraction that it’s lighter and easier to do spin tricks on?
Sure for WW tricks it’s easier to have a wider tyre? (ie a trials wheelset)

Or is it because these tyres mark indoors…:S

no man jamessdd…

freestlye unis have shorter cranks so u can go faster, and also its easier for tricks like wheelwalking and seat-drop riding and sif riding because long cranks make the uni rock sideways a bit more… hard 2 explain but i hope u get it

Yes I understand about the cranks, I knew there was something I forgot about…
but I’d still rather just buy some shorter cranks for my street/trials uni :stuck_out_tongue:

But I still don’t get the wheelwalking thing.

For wheelwalking, James, I think he meant that…

well, try this:

spin your trials uni’s wheel whilst holding the seat in the air. There is definitely gonna be loads of side-to-side twisting and turning force. Even more noticable with longer cranks.

So essentially wheelwalking and coasting/gliding are like doing this but on the ground… so the longer your cranks, the more the wheel wants to wiggle side-to-side. Taking the pedals off reduces the side-to-side wiggle almost completely, but you don’t wanna do that now do ya? :roll_eyes:

Unless you had some weird wheelwalking fetish, in which case you could take of your cranks too :stuck_out_tongue: lol.


Nice, I remember seeing that back when I was a newbie. Who is the HSG then, does anybody know?

Another thing about freestyle unicycles is that you have a tire that can have a larger PSI than a trials tire, so it has far less rolling resistance and things can just flow more easily.

wheel walking is so much easier on a freestyle uni for me.

not sure why, but on a skinny tire it is definitely nice imo.

Nearly the same as the nimbus X above just chrome, 90mm cranks, red tire, KHE Stimulator pedals (for hockey) and an old udc seat (like nimbus just with on it)