Custom Carbon Fiber seats

No custom thread of seats yet so I thought I would start this one with my own.

It went from 220g, to 310g, to 780g. Should definitely add some stiffness to the handle that goes on the end of that nub. :slight_smile: I have either a short T to go on there or the front of a T7 for a longer drop bar.

Lets see some other custom creations with these CF bases.

the first one is not really custom, but it’s not really known yet so…
here’s the exceed carbon fiber seat frame:

the second one is an home made project, a friend of mine did it
it’s a kevlar fiber seat frame (JPP Production)
i’ll ride with it soon

I have made a carbon fiber seat and I’m looking for a screws like that you have in the picture.
What is the name of that screws?
If it’s possible, Could you tell me where could i buy some like that?

Thank you very much

Where can i buy some screws like that?
I made a carbon fiber seat and i want to mount hallen screws because are more confortable. I wrote you a mail asking information

Thank you.
Soon i will show you my seat. I has an improvement.

I see T-nuts on the top of the seat but what did you attach to them on the bottom of the seat (that look like flat washers)?

Also, how did you get the prongs on the T-nuts to embed into the seat material?

I used regular stove bolts/machine screws and T-nuts with the teeth flattened. I could not find any T-nuts in 6mm so went with 1/4". You should be able to find them at any decent hardware store.

Edit: I flattened the teeth with pliers, they do not engage the carbon fibre. Those are flat washers on the underside. I glued everything with a generous amount of two part epoxy to hold everything together and help distribute the load to the whole area of the t-nut/washer. Not light but it should be strong.

I went for a ride yesterday with the saddle and I love how much stiffer it is compared to my old one.

Thank you

I will looking for them.

I used 1/4" T nuts on my carbon seat as well. I’d like to use KH hardware on my next carbon seat.

So is anyone making a carbon seat that has a built in “ramp” so I KH adjustable seat post or similar can be used? I use a Thompson after I broke a KH, works pretty well, light and strong.

One I done over a year back.

Custom CF base

Hi all,

Got this base made about 12 months ago, a friend of mine is a boat builder who does a lot of work with CF.

We made it to similar dimensions as the newer style KH seatbase, and after the first prototype we ended up coming up with this refinement that i’ve been riding ever since.

I’ve had the saddle on my 26" GUNI, which i rode on the Mongolia tour, and before hand during training. I’ve now put the seat on my 24" muni, and it’s still going strong.

Kris rode my guni with the seat base in Mongolia and commented how stiff the saddle was, even without any reinforcement. I’ve always had a KH touring bar mounted to it, and any flex when you really heave on the handle it quite minimal.

It’s all CF, with the exception of a thin layer of polyurethane honeycomb foam sandwiched into the front end of the base, with another layer of CF boxing it in. Makes for a light, super stiff saddle.



Dmacuni, can you get more of those seat bases made?

If there was a big enough demand to justify making a batch of 10 or more, then my friend would be keen to make some more. The construction process is a little tedious, but we still have the moulds from the first couple of bases we made. :slight_smile:

I mad one with square and insert.

^^^ I have an axel base and it’s amazing. :slight_smile:

Where can you get and Axel Base?

Mmmmmh… from Axel maybe? :roll_eyes:

-> akaestle is the one youre looking for

what? so i can get a cf base from akaestle?? :thinking:

It’s good idea square.

But for me in this kind of screw (not yours that i don’t know, I speak about what i see in my place) quality is a little bad. Here in spain only are carpenters screws on iron and it breaks easily.

how much is the Axel Base, they come predrilled?

100$ + shipping