Cumbrian Muni and Trials Club - Does it still exist?

I’ve tried contacting both and however both failed to send. as I am wondering if there is still an official Cumbrian Muni club, as I’d be very interested to become a member.

If it doesn’t still exist for one reason or another, would anyone be interested in setting one up with me? I’m in North Cumbria, 10 miles east of Carlisle.

If anyone knows if it still exists and how to get in contact that would be brilliant.

Thanks, Kit.

Before I started riding off road, I looked for a muni club in Cumbria and discovered the same club that your talking about. I did think about contacting them, but after looking at their last update back in 2004 and assumed that they had ceased to exist, but I may be proven wrong. I know of a few unicycle riders in Penrith, the same young un’s that got me into riding, so I don’t know if they’d be interested in creating a club/group. I’d like to meet up with fellow riders to socialise and ride, but due to work commitments I find myself riding at silly o’clock. If you do make contact then you might suggest they update the website. Good luck

New Club

Get a few friends together and start your own new club :slight_smile:

Yeah I may well. There’s a unicycle club at my school that I help out at and we’re thinking of getting all the riders and taking them to a local trail to get them all into Muni… There’s around 14 of us so if we get them all unicycling we could have a fairly sizable club :slight_smile:

Retrofish, if you happen to be talking about the circus place in Appleby I’ve been there… If not, ahh well. They’ve actually stopped unicycling there and I’m temped to contact them and get their unicycles for the unicycle club at my school as we have too many people per unicycle… If they do get in contact with me that’d be great as I’d have a whole load more unicyclists coming their way…

The place in Appleby is Centre 67 and when I was there for a climbing session I did notice that they had a number of uni’s scattered in one corner. By what I could see they were mainly 20" basic trainers, but there was a trails uni that caught my eye mixed into the medley! I didn’t realise that they no longer used them. Centre 67 is an eco centre, so bearing that in mind they may be willing to up-cycle their units instead of getting rid of them - there’s no harm in asking.

Yeah that’s the place I am on about :slight_smile:

They’ve also got a couple of giraffes under the small stage in the corner which I’ve tried out - Someone there can freemount them…

The Muni you’re talking about caught my eye too - I’m actually still tempted to contact them on behalf of the Muni and the 20" for the unicycle club. I’ll definitely tell you if anyone gets in contact.

There’s actually a surprising number of Municyclists in Cumbria, my neighbor’s friend and his brother were into Muni for a while and unicycled down Ben Nevis and even though where I live there’s a population density of about 2/mile there’s several unicyclists I know all in a small area.