Cruiser Selection

Howdy. I’m after a cruiser (26") and was trying to find a price balance to target for the end of summer (or Winter, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere). The only real tricks it’s performing are bunny hops, curb jumps, maybe up and down some ramps or something, etc…

I am thinking the smaller diameter wheel works better for trials? I have a Sun 20" that I thought I might revamp w/ some pin pedals and a new saddle for trials.

The n00bster appreciates it much!

Oh, and has anyone tried out those pedal protectors? They look sweet for a n00bster like me that falls every 10 seconds.

Yes, people have tried them out… apparently they are really good but I still think they might be a bit silly, at least until i have tried them which hopefully i will get a chance to do. Oh and dont think that being “n00bster” means that you take more bails then the better riders, just that when the good riders have bails they tend to be pretty painfull :smiley:

As far as the cruiser goes, remember that a slightly fatter tire will make it feel way different (usually more cruisy :stuck_out_tongue: )

EDIT: torker LX might be a good option?

Indeed. $100 sounds like an appropriate target.

Would the 20" be better for the trials, though? Or should I just wait and throw some accessories on a 24" or a 26"?

20 Inch will be best for trials, or actually, a trials would be best for trials, but the 20-inch is the closest to it.

A 24 inch Muni will be able to do technical muni lines, trials, and make distances easier. Though trials will be a little harder to do on a 24.

The 26, that would be for cross-country muni rides, you can do some technical muni lines, but not as technical as a 24, trials would be pretty hard on a 26, ubt distances will be a lot easier.

haha…I learned on a 20" sun too. it’s more of a freestyle uni. for trials, go for a stronger unicycle. the wheels and tires on the sun just aren’t good enough or bouncy enough for trials, and the seatpost rotates around in the frame.

[QUOTE=onelesscar…the seatpost rotates around in the frame.[/QUOTE]

No $H|T!!! It’s annoying. Every time I fall when trying to jump on and off homemade ramps (aka old 2x4’s my dad doesn’t need anymore), it will fall out of alignment. How do other unis prevent that? :thinking:

well, my qu-ax has a textured seatpost and a seatpost clamp that tightens down with an allen wrench. well, that and the seatpost on the cheap suns isn’t that great, so you can’t expect much.