Cruise Ships & Grocery Shopping

So hey guys,
I’m so excited… My girlfriend and I got our unicycles ordered.
I have two questions…

1.) Can you handle any weight when riding on a unicycle like with a backpack or does it throw your balance off too badly? I’m wondering if we’ll be able to pull off grocery shopping with backpacks on.


2.) I’m about to go on a cruise. Think I can bring that thing with for when the boat gets to stops?

I have ridden with 80 pounds of camping gear on my back. My crotch hurt like hell when I was done, but I made it. Once you are comfortable riding, you should be able to carry groceries just fine.

I’ve carried three 2L bottles of pop in a backpack while riding and it didn’t throw me off too much. Just a little adjustment in how far you need to lean forward. But your body will probably do that automatically and you may not notice too much of a difference.

If its the same way it is with airplanes then you must dis assemble it (pedals, seat wheelset) and then you can. Im not sure if they will alow you to have it together on the boat at ANY time, so i dunno you should call a rep and find out first hand.

Grocery getting is doable but not ideal. I have ridden with a 60lb pack but as Danny says, it isn’t too comfortable.

If you do ride with a large backpack DO NOT RIDE FAST! I would not suggest a uni as a grocery getter, you would be better off walking.

While I have never been on a cruise I cant really see a problem with bringing the unis. If anything the other passengers may want to take your pictures a lot which could get sort of annoying, but hey thats the price of having a bit of extra fun :slight_smile:

You get that much attention from riding a uni? Is it a common occurrence?

Well on a cruise it might grab a bit more attention seeing people are on vacation and might think he is a performer…I dunno.

As others have mentioned, it probably depends on how much extra weight you can handle in your “seat”. Also, you probably should not buy eggs that day. :wink:

You can also just carry stuff in bags, but this starts hurting your arms pretty quick. I once carried a six pack in a bag in each hand for a couple of miles, my shoulders killed the next morning.


Maybe if they have a grocery shop on board the cruise liner, you could combine both activities.

of course, he is commonly compared to god, but if you try hard enough…

The God Of One Wheel!

I like the sound of that!

Go on.
Try saying it out loud.

Thats Kris’s new nickname…The GOOW!

I do ALL my shoppings by unicycle, but I do live nearby the supermarket, plus the road towards it is pretty OK.

The only times I have trouble is at the very rare occasions where the guard wont allow my unicycle inside. When I’m already inside I refuse to leave and tell him to call the cops (who all have better things to do, and certainly wont appreciate extra work for no reason), and when I’m still outside I just ride to the next supermarket. So far it happened at 3 supermarkets, all of the same branch. …The same branch for who I performed at the opening of their HQ. And once I performed at their national shop-manager meeting/day (where -as I am educated for retail/business- I even was asked to become shopmanager).
Anyway; I got an apology letter once. But I wont keep writing letters all the time.

Riding with weight on your back.

I used to ride my KH24 with my younger son on my back in a Jerry pack! He loved it. Just don’t tell my wife, she told me not to do it but I used to when she was not around! Once he got over 13Kg he was to big for the Jerry pack and I had to stop. I would not want to carry anything over 15Kg because my ass hurt after only 10 minutes of riding with my son. I regularly carry water bottles and tool kits when I MUni for long distances. Up to 5Kg is no problem and you don’t even notice it.