Crotch Protection

So, the unicycle makes me sore between the legs, and I’m curious what others do to get around this. It’s pretty painful. I’m considering investing in a jock strap… would that help?

what kind of saddle do you have? If it’s a sucky saddle, it’ll hurt you.
I wear girl’s jeans and I get sore a lot less than when I wear boy’s jeans.

Bike shorts of compression shorts would help. Modify your saddle to fit your body better.

In winter I wear baggy nylon sweatpants. No crotch problems. I never wear dungarees. I summer I wear baggy nylon shorts. No crotch problems.

Compression shorts. They look like bike shorts but do not have padding and they are a lot cheaper. They fit snug against your skin so the rubbing takes place against the compression shorts and not your skin.

I use bike shorts or I use padded bike ‘underwear’ under whatever else I’m wearing like sweatpants. I also use anti monkey butt powder or Goldbond powder, especially in hot weather. My favorite shorts are the Calanari liners or my Performance Bicycle Gel shorts.