Crossover Unibike

Any one else have a strange desire to “do a wheely” on one of these?

I think we have enough trouble convincing people that we are not clowns, without riding one of these. :smiley:

Roger that ^^^^^^^

Agreed - but if you care what people think of you, you shouldn’t ride a unicycle to begin with. Unicycles and this clown bike are “look at me” toys if it is fun to ride others opinions of what you look like are their problems.

I know a guy who rides a slightly less clowney version of this… I think they call 'em swing bikes. He says (I suppose similarly to unicycles) the best part about riding it where he does (in a very rough/ghetto sort of area) is that if someone tries to steal it, they usually can’t get anywhere because while they’re not difficult to ride, they confuse anyone who sits on them :smiley:

I have heard them called swing bikes but that more commonly refers to a bike that bends in the middle but the back isn’t a unicycle (google if you like). This is similar to the ‘super trick cycle’ (80’s) which was a precursor to unicycling for me. I am thinking about buying it, money is a little tight and that is the only thing holding me back. :smiley:

Yeah I know the rear isn’t a unicycle on a swing bike, I mostly just meant it’s similar in the way that both the front and rear wheel can turn :smiley:

Over the winter I built a swing bike. They are fun to ride, but not easy. They have a very small turning radius so you can ride them inside.

Once the weather became warm again I started riding my unicycles.

If you decide to get one enjoy.