Crosscountry - 29 & cokers

What with all the talk on this forum about 29r vs. coker, I was looking forward to a head to head ride with cokers. We had a very nice ride sunday. Pleasant temps, some paved, some gravel road, some singletrack, some just out across a field.

2 cokers, one 29

My 29 had very little trouble keeping up. I think if the 2 cokers had wanted to, they could’ve pulled away on the paved paths. But I’d have caught up on other parts. I passed them going up hills. I had no trouble twisting and turning through the singletrack parts.

We swapped up some and both rigs were fun.

I had the 29r up to 16.7 mph at one point. That’s as fast as I need to go with only helmet and wristguards.

(It should be noted that the Coker riders had already been on one ride earlier in the day. And I had cut the grass with a push mower)

16.7 mph - COOL!

What size cranks were you using?



And it was just a brief moment. (Kind of freaked me out). :astonished: