Cross Country Ski Area Opens Select Trails to Fat Tires

Check it out, legitimate snow uni opportunities :slight_smile:

I’m heading to West Virginia this coming week, gonna bring along the Oregon and see if Timberline will let me ride!

Most of our xc ski trails are public Forest Service trails, so no restrictions. However, bikers that mess up ski tracks in Montana run the risk of getting shot. On the flip side, I’ve had skiers thank me when they see me intentionally riding so as not to mess up the tracks. :slight_smile: Also, we’ve got hundreds (or maybe thousands) of miles of snow mobile trails and unmaintained Forest Service roads that are great for fat bikes and unis - we just clear the trail when we can hear snomobiles coming (not much traffic, so no problem).

Yeah, snowmobile trails are a much better fit than XC ski trails. Sledding hills are also quite fun if the snow is packed enough. Even super-deep snow can be fun downhill on the big fatties; you can’t get far but it’s a good challenge to get as far as you can.

These are groomed, limited access trails, gotta buy a permit, sign a waiver, and show that your tires are a minimum of 3.7" and running less than 10psi.

Sorry, no Duros or Gazzolodis need apply :slight_smile:

I went to WVA today.

Only city people pay to go into the woods. :stuck_out_tongue:

…that’s some big talk for a guy who lives in a city :roll_eyes:

I back up to a 100 acre woods with another 1000 acres across the road, but sadly we just don’t get much snow here, so I have to ride frost free single track year round :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of which, how’s the single track fairing in Missoula right about now, hehehehe.

Okay, I 'll stop picking in you James :wink:

No worries, I can take it. And dish it:
1,100 acres? That’s it???
I can ride to the 33,000 acre Rattlesnake National Recreation and Wilderness Area. Not to mention the national forests all around us.
The single track is probably great right now, we’ve only had one real snow event, so not enough for xc skiers – although there should be good backcountry skiing on the peaks. I’m still not back to muni, I’m letting my sprain heal until Spring before I go off road.

Hopefully they won’t insist on converting (2) 3.7" tires to (1) MUni tire. Even if you had a big enough tire, you’d become bow legged in no time.

I’ve ridden on Ski trails last year with my 3" Gazzaloddi, it wasn’t easy. I’d like to try on a fat tire, all I need is a frame and a tire! I should legaly not ride a bike on the trails from November 15th to May 15th, but there are tons of people riding their MTBs on the trails before the snow comes, the Fat bikes are getting popular, I see Fat tires on the trails every weekend!

My favorite trails are the Snow Shoe trails, it’s just like single track, the snow is normaly packed really hard.

thats agood idea! why dont you make a frame?