Criterium in Auburn, Calif May 1, 2011

I saw chuck last week…no fixed uni yet!

I also have a geared 36er with 150 cranks that I would be willing to loan to a uni-less traveler PLUS I am familiar with that area and I don’t believe the 23ft of climbing is accurate, maybe on the lower triangle but definitely more climbing on the upper triangle but still not excessive.

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What is your view?

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The race is a month away. At last count we were still short several racers to meet the 10-rider threshold.
Who’s in? Let’s get a wheel count.

I’m in if it happens.


Looks like we need a little more momentum here. Corbin? Chuck? John? Reed? Hello hello! Who’s out there? Don’t feel pressured or nuthin. Nope, uh uh. It’s not like we’d appear too wussy if you couldn’t coral a measly 10 riders.

Why would I not be still in? :slight_smile: Now I’ll send out an email blast to the local uni groups to drum up some more. One month to train for this, and one month after that for me to train for the century at Lake Tahoe!

I’m having a hard time getting excited about driving 3 hours (each way) to participate in a <5 mile race on pavement.

Can someone tell me there’ll be throngs of unicycle fans begging for pictures and autographs, scantily-clad cheerleaders, free beer at the finish line and eternal fame and glory?

Sure, why not? And your picture on a Wheaties box. :stuck_out_tongue:

Last place buys the beer? :astonished:

Also free lodging at my house, swimming in the pool (which should be warm by then), and some riding on the Auburn trails after the race, and possibly on the day before. A technical ride on the famous Clementine Loop, or a more fitness-type ride on the Foresthill Divide (good for 29" or 36"), or a combination.

BTW, here’s my pictures from the Knickerbocker Race last year (same organizers). That was the hardest unicycle race I’ve ever been in. The hot rods were in a neighboring parking lot. Remember to click past them to get to the podium photos!

Race course update:
I was there on Saturday, and drove the route several times with my Garmin 305 on. The distance seems very accurate, at .97 mile per lap. The elevation change is probably a little more than the 23’ per half; I got something like 60’ from the lowest point to the highest.

The route starts southward on High St., going mildly downhill. Then you turn right onto Oakwood Dr., which dips down in the middle of the block and has the second steepest climb of the route in the second half of the block. Then right on Lincoln Way (Highway 49), which is flat back to the start area. You then go left on High St., which is mildly uphill.

Then there’s the part I don’t get. Why have the riders crossing each others’ paths instead of riding the upper “triangle” clockwise? That’s the way I drove it, but the diagram Nathan posted shows it with that dangerous crossover. Anyway, if we go that way, you’ll turn right onto “upper” Lincoln Way, which will be the steepest spot. Steep at the beginning, then steadily uphill all the way until you turn left on Cleveland Ave. That’s downhill at about the same angle, to a left turn back onto High St., and a fast, mildly downhill sprint to the start/finish (or onward to Oakwood for the next lap).

Entry into the race is free for us unicyclists. Arrive by 10:30 am to get registered and ready.

We still need the minimum # of riders to commit. Anyone else? We’re also talking it up on our local mailing lists, but want to keep it open to you travelers out there by keeping it up to date here in the forums. My house is available for out-of-towners that may need a place to stay. Based on the race schedule, we should do our extra-curricular riding on the day before (April 30). This would give us the whole day to ride where we want; could be Stevens Trail, any of the trails in Auburn (MUni or Coker MUni), or other rides in the area.

So who else is in? Looks like our definite riders so far are:
Nathan Hoover
John Foss
Jim Sowers
Tom Holub

Our “maybe” riders include:
Beau Hoover
Chuck Edwall

C’mon guys, move yourselves up to the top list. And what about Corbin, Naturequack, all you Berkeley riders, etc.? Name the type of ride you’d like to do the day before, and let’s make a weekend of it!

Sounds like fun. Seriously, think back to the blast we had at the RTL crit. I think this type of racing is the most fun you can have in a unicycle race.

I think you have to remove Beau from the Maybe list unless someone here is in LA and can give him a ride.


Count me in.

What is your impression on steepness and shifting? Are the uphills steep enough to necessitate down-shifting, or are they really gentle uphills? Any idea what the percent grade is? Crank length hangs in the balance.


Race course update/redux:

THE MAP NATHAN POSTED AT THE TOP OF THE THREAD IS NOT OUR COURSE! Just found this out today from Jim. Apparently that is the route the Amgen Tour riders will be doing on May 17. Our route shares one common street, but is otherwise north and east of that route. It includes the intersection where you head downhill on 49 to reach the American River Confluence (but doesn’t go down there).

Lap Length: 1.07 mile
Elevation Gain: 72’
Start Elevation: 1337’
Top Elevation: 1371’

See the course map here
Event website here

Shifting? definitely. Jim describes the route as “not an easy one for road cyclists. Not as hard as the Nevada City Classic, but close.” If you’ve never been there, Nevada City has a pretty steep main street (makes for an interesting parade!). I’m not much for judging grade percentages by eye, but clicking the tabs on that map page will show you lots of information.

I’ll try to get out there again this weekend and ride it some. I should bring my Coker with 125s and compare that to my 150mm Schlumpf. I think I might be faster on the non-geared Coker as I’m still not comfortable shifting without slowing way down.

Definite riders:
Nathan Hoover
John Foss
Jim Sowers
Tom Holub
Geoff (Naturequack)

Really? Only five?

Definite rider list:


  • Nathan Hoover
  • John Foss
  • Jim Sowers
  • Tom Holub
  • Geoff (Naturequack)
  • Corbin Dunn [/LIST] New potentials:
    • George Pavlov
    • Tommy Blough
  • My dad is a cyclist, so we may go down to watch the race, even if there isn’t a unicycle division.

    I don’t think I am ready to race, but I would love to meet some of you guys (if there is a uni race)!

    Don’t get the wrong idea; you don’t need to be ready to win, just ready to ride in the event! I know I’m not going to win, but I will be there and do the best I can for fun. I hope you will too. :slight_smile:

    Okay folks, it’s starting to get more interesting. We’ve got Bill Purcell (if he’s not under the weather). You may not know him, but he’s the guy who won the Kinckerbocker race last fall by about 50 minutes over Nathan, with no gears, no brake, no handlebars and CLIPLESS PEDALS! He’s good.

    And get this. We now also have none other than ZAK BALDWIN!! Who knew? I ran into him yesterday at the 2nd Saturday art walk in downtown Sacramento. He’s been living in Rocklin (CA) for the last couple of years, but not unicycling. He’s game to join us on a borrowed uni.

    Plus we have Austin Lee (right? nice way to talk you into it?), to help fill out our group. It’s getting bigger and better! Who else is coming?

    Next (a little later) I will post some pictures I took of the course yesterday, with a little more info on what it was like riding it.


  • Nathan Hoover
  • John Foss
  • Jim Sowers
  • Tom Holub
  • Geoff (Naturequack)
  • Corbin Dunn
  • Bill Purcell
  • Zak Baldwin
  • Austin Lee [/LIST]
  • Wow, this is sounding great! If you don’t know Zack was World Trials champ back in 2004 in Tokyo.

    John, can’t wait to see the photos!


    I really don’t think I am ready… I am only 14, and I have never ridden a 36er before…:frowning: