Creepy Crawler or Cyko-Lite

Trying to decide between the two for my Nimbus Trials. Any insights?

And, are there other sources (I can’t find one) besides

This review seems pretty comprehensive.

The main point seems that the Cyko trades off some weight for less robust sidewalls. Harder wearing too.

They mention Mike Padial trimming even further weight off. I’ve personally seen Mike jump over a 117 cm high bar so he definitely knows what he is about with tyres. Can’t be too bad if he uses them though weight would obviously be paramount to a high jumper.

The Cyko is a Nimbus brand. Nimbus is a brand.
It doesn’t include the cyko lite as far as I can see, but would have been the right place to ask your question…

Anyway, everyone loves the Obr Gekok now, which is lighter than the cyko light and apparently has stiff enough sidewalls too. You apparently don’t have to adjust for it much, it rides more like a Monty Pro Race (another alternative to consider) or try-all (disconinued). Tires folding is a big issue if you do trials, you’ll want some of that stiffness for sidehops.

I haven’t personally tried the cyko light much (only on borrowed unis with different tire pressures etc.) but people didn’t like it too much. You’ll have to read in between the lines a bit, I think, remember that Simon Berry is a UDC sponsored rider, and producing a new tire like Udc did with the cyko is very expensive. I’d say if you really want a light tire, get the Obr, if it is not worth the extra 15$ to you, get a creepy crawler.

The Monty Pro Race is hard to find in America, but I like it the most out of what I’ve ridden. As mentioned, the Obr is very popular, I’ve never ridden it. Between the Cyko-lite and the CC, I would go with the CC, the bounce is a bit weird, at least for me, but I liked it more than the Cyko-lite.

General consensus is that the Cyco-Lite is rubbish. I know one urban rider who likes it and the other riders continually ask him if he has lost his mind.

Mike Padial uses Monty’s though I can’t remember if it is the Pro Race or the Eagle Claw.

The OBR Gekok is used by Aiden and he says it is “The best tire imo!”

Jakob Flansberry said “OBR grips like no other tire in natural, bounces great for both prehops and static. Amazing tire… But I got 4 flats in 4 weeks.”

Creepy crawler is heavy but I am sure it must be better than the Cyco-lite.

£19.50 today only