creaky seat

i took off the handle of my kh fusion saddle and now when i put it back on the seat is creaking. should i tighten or loosen it or is something else the problem? it sounds like it is coming from where the seat post attacthes (?) which i didnt mess with at all. thanks

my handle creaks to i dont think its anything to worrie about plus its just a handle but maybe tighten the a bit but not a biggie maybe its cause you have prograssed and now are pressing on the handle more and didnt notice it before

the handle on my Torker seat on my Coker creaks, but not the handle on my KH saddle my KH20. could be because it’s loose, since I often tighten my KH and I’ve never tightened my Coker seat. so. try tightening it.

Yeah I was confuddled by this problem a while ago. I tighted the handle a lot but it still was hopping. I decided to just live with the creak since I couldn’t seem to fix it. Then one day when I was hopping a bolt fell off of the seatpost attachment to the seat. So I tightened that bolt and all the other bolts and now I don’t hear a sound at all. Try this and see if it works.


My seat started creaking after I broke the stiffner plate.

If the stiffener plate isn’t broken, take a look at the seat / downtube interface. Where exactly do you have your seatpost clamp? If it isn’t all the way at the top of the downtube you might not be fully clamping the seatpost… hence the creak. Also if your seatpost has any funk on it (rust, dirt, etc.) this will prevent full clampage as well.

If you get desperate and want to ferret out the creak, then lubricate any metal/metal interface, one by one (ex. seatbase bolts/stiffener plate, seatbase bolts/seatpost, seatpost/downtube) and ride it… once the creaking stops, your last “lube job” found the culprit.

thanx ill try tightening it. the thing is it wasnt creaking at all and then when i put it back on itstarted creaking