I have noticed a creaking sound from the right side of my N26 muni that has been getting progressively worse. After checking/tighening/lubing everything, I think I’ve found the problem. I have stock nimbus venture ISIS cranks. The crank bolt itself was tight, but when I went to put the arm extractor on, the crank just came off in my hand. I cleaned and lubed the arm and put it back on - no creaking. My questions: Should I just go ahead and order new cranks now because the arm is worn and will continue to loosen? Am I riding it hard enough to justify KH cranks (I’ve had the N26 less than a year)?

If you can find a smaller spacer you should remove the spacer between the bearing and the crank and replace it with a smaller spacer. Snap rings work well if you don’t want to order spacers.

The smaller spacer will allow the crank to go further on the taper giving a tighter fit.

You could remove the spacer all together but then you risk crank creep on the spline and the bearing could move.

ahhh, I see. Thanks