cranky crank

My 2 week old Torker CX whose right crank gave up. The right crank is on the correct side. The Aluminum threads stripped at the pedal. I ordered steel cranks but, waiting for them to come in definately wasn’t on my schedule this early in the game. The longest unassisted ride so far is 55 feet but only because that is the length of my shop. I was going to start practicing laps inside until the crank puked out. Oh well, with this down time waiting for the postman, the chores I’ve been putting off just might get done…maybe.

I had a similar problem with Nimbus Venture cranks and when I called UDC about it they told me to ensure the pedal was on tight. They reccomended using a pedal wrench because some open ended wrenches are too wide to allow the pedal to be tightned all the way, getting the wrench tight between the pedal body and the crank. This may have been the cause of my threads stripping because after they replaced the crank (absolutley free btw) I used a thinner wrench and made sure it was really the pedal getting tight and have had no problems with the Ventures since.