crankspin wht next

im going to keep on working on crankflips hard.

If you need tips, i tighten my legs, both hands on the uni.

Jump as little as possible.

Get your feet to the pedals before it over spins.

So wht should i do while i practice crankflips.

Like idk wht tricks, then can you discribe how to do them?

Like a hickflip or donkeyflip idk???

Well tricks like learning to type might come in handy some day. Why don’t you try to learn that :roll_eyes:

srry i type real fast, and im not so good at spellin lol.

So anyone know where i should go next after crankflips, like 180 hoptwist with a crankflip or unispin with it idk?

srry on the post.

Crankflip? how do you delete a post?

either i guess

I already told you, learn how to type:p

It’s ‘I don’t know’ by the way.