Today, i’ve just bent my crank, again, on my trails uni. I only jumped from about the 7th (at most) step to the bottom, and i bust my crank! Its really anyoying. What types of cranks do you guys use, that dont bend. I just use BiCycle Euros from Unicycle.Uk.Com, coz they usually last, and there only £10.

I see people jumping off really high drops, and not bending there cranks. Its not as if i am really heavy either. Im a normal sized 15yr old lad (5ft.9).

So, anyone know of any good, not really expesive cranks, that will last? Preferably in the UK!

Any advise would be great.


Re: Cranks

Everyone else seems to use Profiles. How they can afford them I’ve no idea. Besides, you’ve got to buy them from the US. I don’t think you can get tubular cotterless cranks; I’m guessing these are the strongest design.

I use Bicycle Euros, but I’ve not bent any due to not having dropped that much…

Is there any more news on Onza hubs being available separately?


I used to experiment with moving my feet from the pedals to the cranks before landing, putting most of my weight on the hub. I think this way the drop is is easier on the hub and cranks. I couldn’t do it without stopping after the jump, but perhaps it’s a matter of practice.

Re: Re: Cranks

                                                                                                                                                                                               Affording them is a state of mind.  How many times do you bend a crank, could cost you more if you bend them often.  It just comes down to how much you want them.  The GBP to USD is in your favor.  Hopefully my frame will show up soon so I can try out my Profiles.

Take more time to perfect your technique - try to absorb the shock better in your legs and body - possibly move down a crank size?

I’ve had some bicycle euros for ages on my 24 without bending them although I guess 5 - 6 feet is the biggest drop I’ve done onto them.

If you want splined cranks then If I remember correctly it’s cheaper to buy the onza unicycle than to buy a profile hub and ship it in.

Added to that you have the added bonus of getting a frame, rim, tyre, spokes, pedals and saddle into the bargin.


Isn’t that an awkward way to land? I would’ve thought that it’s tend to twist your feet over because you’re not standing on a very wide surface. Is that the case?


When standing with my feet as close to the frame as possible I didn’t get too much twisting. I never did drops bigger than 3’ this way, so it may be a problem on bigger drops.

It IS awkward compared to landing on the pedals. I’m not saying this is definately the way to go, just that I used to work on this before I decided that my uni probably wouldn’t stand up to the drops anyway and gave it up entirely.


Hey, That works.

Im not really into big jumps, coz it would just kill my cranks, but I landed about a 3ft jump on the cranks today! :smiley:

Thanks for the advise!