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In article <9304172244.aa08329@nullset.UUCP>, you write:
> Can anyone tell me how to get the cranks off of a Miyata Unicycle? Oh, yes,
> and how to get them back on again.
> Any advice appreciated.
> --Rick Moll rick@nullset.uucp -or try-

You need a crank puller tool. Without that tool the job will be pure hell. Not
to mention that you uni could be damaged by using excessive force trying to get
the crank off or throwing the uni across the room in pure frusteration (I just
about did my first time taking off a crank). A crank puller can be bought at any
bike store for about $10 US (mileage may vary depending). The crank puller
should also have the feature to put the crank back on the uni. Tom Miller of the
Unicycle Factory has a nice small compact crank puller for about $10.

Andy B. Cotter CAE UW - Madison Application Support

Re: cranks

Hi! Are these signifigantly heavier? Anyway it seems to be a pretty cool design!


On Tue, 13 Mar 2001 23:06:48 -0000 “Danny Colyer”
<> writes:
> Aj asked:
> > To anyone’s knowledge has anyone taken five inch cranks and
> drilled a
> > hole to make them four inch cranks. So in a particularly hilly
> section
> > you could use the five inch cranks and on the straight aways,
> quickly
> > change them out with a pedal wrench to the four inch cranks.
> You can buy adjustable cranks. They were reviewed in the January 2001 issue of
> Cycling Plus.
> Take a look at
> –
> Danny Colyer (remove your.mind to reply)
> "The secret of life is
> honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made" -
> Groucho Marx

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Re: cranks

Jeff D Tuttle asked of SJSC’s adjustable cranks:
> Are these signifigantly heavier?

Dunno. Unusually for C+, the review doesn’t mention the weight. I don’t imagine
them being particularly light though.

Danny Colyer (
“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve
got it made” - Groucho Marx