Cranks, frame, pedals, seat and tire

title says it all.

  1. Cranks : FOr StartErs i would like to trade my 140mm Koxx One ISIS light cranks (real ISIS) for some Kris Holm Moments and Rollos. I’d prefer some 125mm but I’m not Picky at all. Its for my 20" so 125mm are my most prefered followed by 137s and 110s. I would really like rollos with them. ANd i would i like them to be in good shape. My K1s are in amazing condition as i havent done ANY not even 1 crankgrab or pedal grab on them! There are only a few scratches on the right crank from a few failed 540 twist attempts…

  2. Frame : Alien Backflip k1 frame. love this frame but i needs the money. I’m still not sure if i’m sellin this frame and my friend down the road has first dibs if he wants it as i want to avoid big shipping costs and hassles… if he doesnt want it , it has scratches on the bearing holders from grinding (with old cranks not the k1 lights) and some scratches on the actual frame but not many…If my friend doesnt want this frame then ill ask $100 for it (canadian) although im still not sure if i’m selling it:(.

3)pedals: Echo TR pins removed on bottom of right pedal. ill try and find them. hardly any use on them…$60 canadian :sunglasses:

  1. saddle: really really really messed up Kris holm freeride saddle with messd foam:D…really messed foam. seat cover has 2 small rips in it and is a little dirty but is in good condition…nothing is wrong with the base. I’m looking for the bolts. handle and bumper have regular scratched and what not from regualr street/trials riding.

  2. Tire: This I’m still not sure if i’m selling as i tend to go through tires quite fast. its a try all stiky tire (old version). black. pretty much new. has a little bit of wear on on spot and its not even worn half way. in other words it has 97.376% of tread left :sunglasses: $40 canadian

  3. pedals 2) : really worn twisted pc yellow chameleons. $5 canadian

still not sure if im selling some of this… Buyers pay shipping although i’d like to keep this in canada if i can. if your close ill even consider bringing it to you as to avoid shipping costs :smiley:

so yeah guess thats it.

Frame and echo tr pedals are sold.

still have: try all stiky tire
Messd KH Freeride saddle

and cranks sorry cranks are still up for trade too. pics upon request

Can I have some pics of the cranks?

This post is more than a year old… But I have the cranks now, I’ll take a picture and send it to you in a Private message.