cranks for '04 kris holm 24"

I have recently acquired an “04 24” kris holm muni but the cranks are too long, if anyone has any shorter ones for sale i would be interested.

I believe 8 splined KH cranks came in 170 or 140. You probably have the long ones. UDC UK has the 8 spline Qu Ax cranks that are supposed to work on your hub but they are only available in 127, so they may be too short.

would any 8 spline bmx crank work or is there something special about them?

Junior BMX cranks that would be available in the lengths we use are usually made of lighter forged Al. The heavier CrMo cranks are normally 175, or 180. It could be hard to find 150’s if you find a match for the spline. You could get lucky though. I have seen tubular junior cranks.

There isn’t a standard spline from what I understand. That’s why ISIS came to be. If you have a good BMX shop in your area you might want to bring your uni and try different cranks to see if you find one that matches. Once you know a brand or two that fit you could see what lengths are available.