Cranks and wheel sizes.

Mainly going to be doing trials and Muni stuff. Stick with a 20" rim!? and if so, how long can my cranks be before I start to hit them when I turn?? Thanks a bunch.

[the following relates to trials unicycles:]

Plenty of riders use 145mm cranks on 20" wheels in this kind of setup. The cranks do hit the ground occasionally, if you turn sharply or try to do tricks like seat on side.

I’ve ridden on a borrowed standard 20" unicycle with 150mm cranks briefly and didn’t like it. The cranks hit the ground very easily and the pedalling circle was uncomfortably large.

Your choice of crank lengths will be dictated to some degree by your choice of hub. If you have a square taper hub, then your choices are 89, 102, 114, 125, 140 and 150mm cranks, of which 125 or 140mm would probably be the best for trials. If you get a splined hub you’ll have fewer choices. The most common being 140 or 145mm for trials.

[20" or 24" wheel]
Get one of each - 20" for trials and 24" for muni. However if you just want to get one uni which’ll do both go for a 24" muni.

I’ve been looking at a Torker DX as my next unicycle - and it looks pretty good! How would it perform with MUni and Trials as compared to some of the higher end models? I’m not quite willing to shell out quite that much cash yet for a uni. :wink:

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I want short cranks


I think I have 135mm cranks. Where can I get shorter ones? It’s a 3 piece. Though I have a M-Uni, I want the shorter cranks for the street unicycle, the bike shops in Ottawa can’t order them shorter than what I have plus I can’t find them on e.bay. Please help!

Re: I want short cranks


Its strong enough, the only thing wrong is the rim and tire sorta stink…the 24" 05 can take a 2.6 DH tire with plenty space, the 20" 05 model can hold a 2.5 trials tire, but you would need to put a 19" rim on it to hold the tire. It comes with a 2.125, the 24" with a 2.3.

I’m going through a busy period at the moment, and, apart from a parade on Saturday, haven’t ridden for weeks. :0(

However, on my 20 inch, with 110 mm cranks, I used to practice clipping the floor with the pedals on tight turns. It can be done.

Riding off road, pedal strike can be dangerous.