Got bored today, so I filmed some crankflips of mine.
Crapy kwality and not the best flips I can do (my battery of my camera was not fuly charged, so not much time to film)
Anyways, hope you enjoy it.

Peter M

Good job, I was just about to make a short vid with my crankflips.

Interesting to see the progression from sketchy to totally smooth.
You got that in one day?

Thanks for the replies.

This was all from yesterday yes.
But it was a real bad day, because I can land them WAY smoother.
Friend of mine got footage of sunday, where I land them nice and smooth.

Peter M

Hey Peter,

those look a lot better then your attempts at Fluck… :slight_smile:

You should do the first easy tricks like 180Flips or try to do them static.



Thanks, yes I can flip them with more hight now and don’t need massive speed :wink:
You were the guy with the KH also trying crankflips at FLUCK, right?

Peter M

BTW: forgot to say the song is from Pendulum.

Dam! I did not expect you would remember me…:stuck_out_tongue:
I tried them really hard, but couldnt land them.

Actually I just tried to win the award for “most bails of the convention”… :wink:


Offcourse I remember, you are a cool guy you know :sunglasses:
But don’t give up on the crankflips, maybe rewatch the crankflip tutorial from Shaun.
He is the best to help.

Peter M

He already learned them. And He learned 180 flips.


Oh, sweet.
He totaly kicked my ass then :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M