Just thought I’d let you all know i’m in the race now. I fowards crankflip it, and i’ve nailed it off a curb, ohhh, lol. Not that big, but it was like 10 minutes after I hit my first one. So let’s make it fun. I’m so happy, haha. Laters


Thats tight shaun. So far i think the competitiors are

Mike Clark
Alex Toms
Myself-Brian Lundgren

So is the race just to see who can flip the biggest set? Or what?
Cause if it is i believe mike is leading it with a 6 set.


I have no idea what the race is. lol. Just sets, tricks, unique stuff. Keep the others posted on your skill as well. Thanks for reply. And i believe those are the only one’s with crankflips too. Laters

By the way… Hook me up with your e-mail or something. I’ve wanted it for awhile. lol.

Shaun Johanneson

I think nic caffroy(sp?) can also do crank flips

now is it 180 crank flips or 360’s ?


its always been 360s

I don’t crankflip and don’t plan too, but if you want to contest it, go for the first to land a 540 crankflip, as well as the biggest set.

how exactly do you do crankflips? I’ve tried several different things, and have hurt several different places… and nothing seems to work.

whats a crank flip and what do you mean by sets? thats crazy talk in these parts.

is a 360 crankflip just one full rotation in air? Like jump, wheel does one full rotation, and you land?

Sets are stairs…a 6 set would be 6 stairs…

a crankflip is not just jump and pedal then land,its jump,take your feet off the pedals,THEN the pedals spin 360,then you land your feet back on the pedals,then land on the ground.At least thats my impresion.

I cant figure out how to do them ethier.I give up too easy,though.


You’re right on the steps in the crankflip. Jump, kick, airial, full rev, land back on. They’re tricky, but i will have a clip of a few if you’re interested tonigth. Just add me ( I know i allready put that, lol, ohwell) Well i’m out to go practice. laters


so this is where it all began.

This is very interesting.

lol, a 540 crankflip

I can only crankflip a 4 stair :angry:

Spinning pedals

What happens if you land on the edge of the pedal ? Is there any technique to avoid that? :thinking:


with as much practicing as you do you should be able to pull a 12 set flip.

I’ve heard of people putting their feet to the frame and using that as a guide to land on the CRANKS and not the pedals for a more stable trick.

Ha yeah, people used to call half flips 180 flips and full ones 360s but then people started spinning with the crankflips so the name got stolen.

how could you even think its 180???

thats not nearly hard