Crankflips... Unispins... HELP!...

Need help on crankflips and unispins BOTH… I CAN jump but nothin’ else :angry: … HELP! Any and all help would be greatly valued… Thanks, bye.:slight_smile:

use the search function.(nuff said)

whoa, man!! hooold on a second thurr…judging by your previous posts, you’re somewhat new to unicycling. crankflips are kinda hard, as are unispins. learn some simpler tricks.

weren’t you just trying to learn how to hop earlier today?

yeah he was…i found that funny too…i wish i was that ambitious!

learn to hop, then learn to hop good. Learn to ride with the seat in front of your body, then learn how to hop with the seat in front.

That should be a good start for now at least.

sry but it’s now at the pint that there are SO MANY crankflip hel thres that my best adivce for u is SHUT UP AND USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION


Unispins first step is to control yourself hopping seatout in front. Maybe try alittle arial jumps from pedals to pedals (no spin). When comfotable jsut grab the seat with both hands and try the spin, same movement with the feet that you are use to. Just now the uni is backwards. The cranks will be there if you spin enough. And you’ve got it. Cranks are much harder. It’s rolling forward and placing weight on the front foot and a jump to get the pedals to flick around. Tricky tricky. We’ll go over that in alittle bit. Add me or slash2461 at aim. If you don’t ahve something like that send private messages and i’ll help ya out. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

first you should practice riding with SIF and jumping SIF… if you learn to crank flip the same day you learn to jump you are an amazing learner… unless you already have some bking background like doing bke trials.but still it would be amazing.

Okay THAT was a few days aggo, This is now. As for hopping yes i CAN… BUT i must admit not very high, so tips for atually jumping (aka hopping REALLY high) would be great! Then the tricks… also what ARE some simple tricks that i can work my way up with :thinking: .

some simpler tricks would be hop twists or uni-cans, no footers, airs and maybe sif hopping and riding…all of these are simple with a bit of practice and they will all help you achieve your goals of unispins and crankflips.

Kay, please explane those


1.hoptwist= hop and you and the uni both twist…it can be 90 degrees 180 degres or 360 degrees or anywhere in between
2. unicans are where you stop, reach down, grab the tire, take both your feet off for a second then put them back and ride off. footers are where just one foot will come off its pedal and air for a sec ten go back on and rid away.
4.airs are where you jump and lod the uni but the uni stays on the ground and your whole bady comes off then back on and ride away
5. sif hopping/riding is just riding or hopping with the seat held with a hand in front rather than under neath you(this one requires ballance.)

Haha, thats not a no footer. A no footer is where you jump off the uni (it can stay on the ground or in the air) then you land back on it. If only 1 foot comes off then its a 1 footer, see the pattern?:wink:

Dude you are so wrong. As spencer said no footers are both feet come off.
Your spelling is bad, some of your post was hard to read. I know you can spell and are just trying to write quick but please read over it or concentrate more. I know my English isnt perfect but please.


ok ill try harder…i was running out the door when i posted that. ill slow down from now on.

Re: Crankflips… Unispins… HELP!..

On Fri, 17 Mar 2006 15:46:03 -0600, litldude2 wrote:

>Haha, thats not a no footer. A no footer is where you jump off the uni
>(it can stay on the ground or in the air) then you land back on it. If
>only 1 foot comes off then its a 1 footer, see the pattern?:wink:

Ha, then I can do a two footer. :slight_smile:

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

If that’s your best advice, then why don’t you take it yourself? Practice what you preach!