I got my first crankflip today.

Keep in mind, I started the day barely being able to do 1/4 semiflip.

I’d like to thank Eli B., Pedro Tejada, Any Terrain, and Isaac Steiner for all the helpful tips.

i shouldnt be saying this because i am bad for this too but dude concrate new trick and bare head = bad idea. Very Very nice crankflip though pretty smooth for just learning it

Just a quick tip, try flipping a little bit earlier, you flipped really late. That was good for a first one tho.

Are you saying it was a lateflip?

Today I landed, Material. But Good job though.

No, I think he means that you are applying pressure at the last second.
Start to apply pressure before your cranks are exactly horizontal.

I worded that wrong, umm you jump late as in your cranks are positioned towards the ground when you jump. Your front foot is lower than your back foot. Your feet should be either parallel or back foot a little lower than the front to get the smoothest flip.

These are crankflips right?



Nice! These look pretty good for your first ones. the only thing is that you start to flip when your front crank is lower, if you start when it is back more you’ll get a nicer kick and a cleaner kick. How consistant are you with these?

It was my first day, so I only landed 2. I hope to land more today.

Congratulations, I just landed these a couple weeks ago. In a week or two you’ll probably be doing them down stairsets;).