what are some ways you guys learned to do a crankflip.

Have you watched THIS? You could also try searching. :slight_smile:

I would suggest learning rev, than learning zero plants then trying crankflips using 2 hands. Good luck.

Me, I tryed the zero and foot plants but I don’t think it helped much other than landing. I learned the flipping part by first doing half-crankflips (by just going for it) and then building up more and more from there.

:stuck_out_tongue: im just like you i want to beable to do them hehe but all i could get out of me was jumping and spinning the cranks round once…with my feet on the pedals :angry: is it still a crankflip?


Dang hehe i spose ill just keep practising:(

The guy in that video is always moviong when he does the zero plants and crankflips. Is it easier to practice them when moving rather than at a stand still?