crankflip... i need help !

i need your help for crankflip. but, i have to say that i’m not able to just pull off my feet from the pedals ! and if you could add pics, it would be cool !

me, I need help getting a faster rev. my pedals get half way around and then I fall.

Do a search, there have probably been more threads about crankflips then any other trick. ever.

I can get the cranks around all the way, it’s just I can never bring my right foot around to the pedals. It always gets left behind.

i have the same problem

Man you can try learn Zeroplants first , so you will get a confiadence to pull of your feet from the pedals , another thing is you have to be able to kick the pedals/cranks relative fast, learning the zeroplant you will be able to do it
but note zeroplant is a different from a crankflip , the zeroplant just give you some “tips” to learn faster the crankflip!
For the crankflip you could hold your saddle with booth hands(or one if you feel better) and RIDING IN A CCONFORTABLE SPEED , STOP! hop as highl as possible and looking to the pedals or the cranks , you kick it and land it , where you look is where you fall , focus on the kick and keep focus to do a good land! nevergive up dude , this can take a hour , a day , a week , a month or a year , just depends on your willpower
Here a link for a crankflip tutorial , here teachs you how to do a zeroplant!

I´m trying this trick and I´m having the same problem , but i found alone the solution , just have to hop high ! maybe trying hopping down a curb you will have more time to do the rev! I will try this today , more later I tell if this works haha:D

Before you hop, lean over the uni seat and keep your eye on your
back (right) foot, then jump, pop the cranks, and stay above the uni.
This worked for me when I had the same problem of a trailing right foot.

so for crankflip do you:

  1. jump wth unicycle
  2. jump lift back foot off pedal first
  3. kick with front foot
  4. stay over unicycle
  5. land?

Learn it seat-in. I learned it very fast this way and it eliminated the troubles of trailing feet and uni not staying under, which I think is the reason that I learned quickly.