Crankflip Help

Ok dont get mad because ive been trying to get crankflips for 2+ weeks maybe 3 and i can still not get that spin not at all and im getting pretty mad so can i have more tips any magic tips that helped yall? I just want to know how to get the spin and thats all.

Ive also searched through all the threads on this and seen all the vids

Try positioning your forward foot, to have more of the toe on the pedal, instead of your whole foot. Then, dont kick straight, kick at an angle, like you would of if your doing a kickflip on a skateboard.

Thanks, Im going out right now to try.

Goodluck. =p

Ok i got the spin kind of and i invented a new technique! My technigue is hop SIF next to the wall then lean against it the place pressure on front pedal lean over the seat and then jump.

i have the opposite problem, i can spin them but i cant get my feet back over the pedals

i learnt pretty much i foot revs with the kicking foot. try that. then i learnt to take my foot off. and just yesterday i was kicking out to the side, and they looked way better.

i learned crankflip with the shaun tutorial…
learn all stages
the arm position is very important because it keep the unicycle under you

the best thing i can do is a zeroplant. a lousy one at that, but i just figured it out tonight(1st time trying it too!). :smiley:

same im learnign how to spin faster

Im trying to learn crankflips and I don’t even know where to start. I can’t get the spin at all. I think I have some kind of problem in that department because I cant even move my back foot when I try to kick with my front foot. What did everyone do when they first started to learn? what method did you use to learn?

Well, I’m close, and I just watched Shaun’s vid a few times.
The most important thing is actually trying it. It also helps if whatever foot you’re kicking with is towards the outside edge and back of the pedal.

I had to learn triple zero plants before I managed to land a crankflip, it’s 95% in your head. Ledge plants and double ledge plants are good practice too. If you think you’re stuck on crankflips then just practice zeros and ledges more, ingram that feeling of landing seat in, feet on the pedals until it’s second nature.

yeah. when i spin fully the uni ends up infront of me. otherwise i just do 3/4 flips. good enough.

I can do 1/2 rev. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe 3/4 rev could work fine, but I need lot of practise for crankflip.