crankflip help

im new here. i have been trying crankflips for a little while. I know there are millions of crankflip threads but i think i have a special problem. when i kick my feet out farther, i either miss the pedals coming back, or dont kick the cranks hard enough. any help will be appreciated.

please someone reply to me

Make a video again in slow motion and 90° left… I watched it 20 times and i cant really see what’s wrong, but sure you land too fast… I think you should jump higher or kick it faster/harder? Your cranks turned only for about 260°, not for 360°… Post the video again, please… :roll_eyes:

Can you do a pland zero?

thanks for the reply. i never tried a zero plant, do you think it would help me? here is the new video i filmed today, from the side and slow motion.

What’s wrong with that crankflip? :thinking:

do my feet come off the pedals enough?

Your crankflip is just ok, but it’s unusual. Most of all jump higher and that gives some special effect to it, so… Try to jump higher. That’s all. :slight_smile: (my opinion)
… and yes, learn pland zero first… Look at this great tutorial:

also if you follow shauns tutorial and your flips still look more like no footed revs learn to do rolling no footers, they’ll help you get the confidence to really throw your feet off the pedals. (make sure you can flip before you learn to no footer otherwise you could have a hard time learning to actually kick the cranks before taking your feet off.)

i tried to jump higher and i think it helped but i would just like my feet to go out a bit farther, how should i practice these rolling no footers (what are they?) and do you think that would be all i need to do?

here is my newest crankflip

Yep, it’s still not perfect. You really have to learn to kick by learning pland zero (make’em singles, doubles and maybe tripples if necessary).:slight_smile:

i got single and double zero plants a little while ago, i just got sidetracked on 1 ft ww so i didnt post. do you think i should just go for crankflips again now, or should i learn footplant crankflips first like it says in the video?

Do the footplant first… This is the training just for you,- to do footplant you have to jump higher than when you do pland zero and that’s what you need. :sunglasses:

ok thanks:D

i did footplant crankflips, and i think i got it. Sorry its so dark…if its too bad ill post another

Not bad.

It’s better!:slight_smile:

It looks fine. They will get cleaner the more you do them.

When I learned them seat in front they got much cleaner for me.