**Crankflip** Competition

Due to the success of the last (360 unispin) competition, the ‘posters’ of that thread have decided to start a crankflip competition.

The rules are simple:

You may not enter if have landed a crankflip in the past.

Your crankflip must be camera documented to be official.
Footage must be recent

Your crankflip must be done on a unicycle.:wink:

First to post a link to their video wins.

Do not be discouraged if you do not win. The objective is to see how many people can successfully land a crankflip as a result of the motivation that this competition issues.

All those that successfully land a crankflip (on camera) may, if they wish, add this code to their signatures as a trophy-like award for their hard work:

)---'O, Crankflip

Which looks like this:
)—'O, Crankflip

Please share some personal information:

What are you riding?:
How long have you been riding?:
Can you land a 360 unispin?:
Favorite Food:

I’m in!

Name: Jason
What are you riding?: Qu-Ax Trials 20"
How long have you been riding?: 8-9 Months
Can you land a 360 unispin?: Unfortunately Not
Favorite Food: This’ll sound strange…but Broccolli w/ Cheese Sauce :slight_smile:

I want to play again but I’ve got it down :frowning:

Sorry to ask so early but do we know what we are doing for the next one? What is the time frame for the current(crankflip) one after the first lands it? Is there still first, second and third spots? I think I’m going to enter unofficially for this one but for doing double flips. My motivation will be getting a double before you guys get a single :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Matt Vandermeulen
What are you riding?: Qu-Ax 20" Trials
How long have you been riding?: about 7 months
Can you land a 360 unispin?: yup
Favorite Food: cheese

After this I would like to do a 540 Unispin comp. , or maby a treflip

Yea, I should’ve included this information.

I think there should be a timeframe. I’ll set it as a week for now, like the last one was. We’ll see how long it takes people to land.

There are slots for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc… It’s just a matter of actually landing one. Although your position may offer you bragging rights :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the next trick will be yet. Feel free to make suggestions. Maybe hickflip? Donkey Kick? (I know you’ve landed that too Brian…so maybe we could hold off on that so you get a chance to compete lol) This is a very amatuer street competition…hopefully those who compete will progress to levels so that those who are already more experienced may compete.

EDIT: 540 unispins and treyflips may be a bit far-fetched for some of us haha.

Also, If you win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you may want to include your position next to the Crankflip trophy.

lol, i guess I’m getting ahead of myself a bit, but i think I could get a 540 if I practiced for a few days

but we should defintly keep these competitions going. Without the last one I wouldn’t be landed 360’s right now

I’m gonna go out and start practicing right now

I think the next one should be 540 (Hop twist). Not enough people are doing this trick, somewhat easy, when practiced alot. If more people try it, maybe variation of 540 will appear, and that would be pretty cool !


I guess I’ll try.

Name: Andrew Fife
What are you riding?: KH '07
How long have you been riding?: 11/12 months
Can you land a 360 unispin?: not a chance
Favorite Food: anything with a lot of sugar and/or fat in it:)

yea i wanna try a 540 hop twist, (in another month after i get outflips down)

What the hell I am in!

Name michael
riding modded dx will be just the wheelset soon
riding time 3.5-4.5 months
can you 360 unispin nope just got the 180 barely
fav. food pizza

crap… I just started to land em yesterday.

hows that for timing!

i’m in

Name: Byron
riding: Byza Special (07 KH with koxx devil frame crmo post, K1 clamp and tryall pedals)
riding time: been able to for just over 2 years but have only started geting some decent tricks down in the last 2 months ish.
can you 360 unispin: almost, can 180 sometimes
fav. food: um kfc or chips w/gravy and chicken salt

i will have to set my alarm for early so i can get to it and maybe beat some of you fellas. just checking on google, you fellas will have daylight a whole 4-5 hours before i do, so i will have to try extra hard.

does it have to be a regular crankflip or can it be a back flip? does it have to be seat in or can it be seat out?

i think for the next one a sex change would be good, or a 180 flip, but the 540 hop twist does sound attractive to me also. we may need a poll.

It has to be a regular crankflip. Seat-in or seat-out is up to you…but I don’t think many people do crankflips seat-out.

A poll sounds like a good idea. I’ll put one up a little later on in the week. I’m keeping track of everyone’s suggestions.

Just checking…what is a sex change? Is that a Crankflip + Body Varial? and would a 180 flip be a crankflip + 180 (twist)?

Name: Marcus
What are you riding?: 07 KH/20
How long have you been riding?: 4 months
Can you land a 360 unispin?: yes :slight_smile:
Favorite Food: Lasagnu

Im not sure a week is long enough, I think its going to take longer than 360s. I think it will Certainly take me longer, I have school and will have to work quite a bit this week so I dont think I will have long, im going to go out now I think and get a good start. good luck everyone

Its a week after the first person lands it, not a week from the start.

That wasn’t what I meant by a week. But I like that idea lol :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

took me 3 hours of non stop flipping but i finally got one and the vid is going on youtube as i type this…

so that means you all have a week to bust out a flip unless you wish to extend the time a little bit, i dont really care.

thanks for the inspiration…

Nice, congrats. Had you been working on them long before the competition?