crankarm direction

On bicycles the pedals and crankarms have a right and a left. They are set up so when you pedal they would tighten and not loose. So the pedal on the right tightens by being twisted counter clockwise from the outside.

On my Torker the letters on both the crankarm and the pedal are reversed from this. I thought I was being clever and put it on the way i’ve seen bike pedals go. So i put the L on the right and R on the left. My pedals come loose often. Did I do it wrong?

On both bicycles and unicycles the left and right matter.

The left crank/pedal NEEDS to be on the left and the right NEEDS to be on the right. (Unless you mostly ride backwards then switch that around).

The RIGHT crank has standard right-hand threads and the LEFT crank has more unusual left-hand threads. To tighten a right pedal you rotate the pedal spindle clockwise. To tighten the left you rotate it counter-clockwise. This is what makes unicycle cranks more than just two right-handed bicycle cranks.

At first it seemed counter-intuitive to me. It seems that it has little to do with bearing friction and everything to do with what is called precession (The motion of the axis of a spinning body, such as the wobble of a spinning top, when there is an external force acting on the axis.)

If you want a more detailed (or at least in someone else’s words) visit Sheldon Brown’s Site

If you continue to have problems with the pedals coming loose make sure the cranks/pedals are on the correct sides and that they are properly tightened. If it continues you might want to use some lock-tite on the threads (though I’ve never had to).


Pedal threads should never need to be loctited. Grease is all you need.

Umm, I’m having problems with my helmet. I’m wearing it on my butt, and my head hurts if I fall down. Am I doing something wrong? Should I switch the helmet to my head?

OK OK! just rub it in! I feel like an idiot. :slight_smile: I won’t even try to reason with you as to why I put them on backwards. Now they are on the right way and loc-tited. Maybe I should have waited with the locktite. My dad said it wasn’t the super loc-tite though…

It is quite easy to start wondering about how the pedals should go. If you start thinking about the way the pedals are spinning around the axle they will go to the wrong side. Sorry for that post. It was just quite funny.

Don’t be sorry. I think I was as amused by your post as you were. :wink: