crank wobbling on non-splined KH trials uni

I recently purchased a Kris Holm Signature Edition unicycle and I am very pleased with its performance thus far. It can take numerous 3-foot drops with little or no problems.

The thing is, I think all these drops are making my crank loose… I can tighten it right back up with a socket wrench and a 14mm socket, but it’s a pain. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and how or if they can fix it.

Any input would be appreciated.

Don’t really know squat about this, but I would think some loctite would keep that nut from coming loose.

Definetly use Loctit #272 high strength.

You really need to tighten that nut down alot. If you are using a normal socket wrench, you really need to put a lot of elbow grease into it. If you are using a torque wrench, or cheater bar, it makes it wuite easy. I believe I torque mine to 25-30 foot pounds or something, that and loctite make for a very secure crank.

Put a little bit of grease on the tapers so the crank will slide on the hub easily. Then use high strength Loctite threadlocker on the retaining nut and you’ll be good.

Here is a little FAQ by Sofa about the process:

Wow, how amazingly explicit! Thanks for that link John! I really like how it shows the Loctite in action. What a genius!

Thanks for all the info guys.

I talked to my dad and he mentioned something about loc-tite too. Therefore, majority is correct and we have elected to use some sort of loc-tite substance. Forums rock!

Also, I have made a short video of me and some of my new trials stuff on my new uni… it is entitled SAUTUMOV (Steve’s Awesome Urban Trials Unicycling Movie Of Virtue). Watch for it… as soon as I figure out how to make a gallery it’ll be there…