Crank weights

Cranks. From lightest to heaviest. between KH moments, QUAX CrMo, Onza Tensile. Just need to them in order. Thanks

im pretty sure its
2.onza tensiles

i no that the onzas are lighter than the kh but i assum the quax are lighter than the onzas.

well i guess im wrong sorry.

dude just save some $ and get the KH

QU-AX is the lightest : 145mm is 380g and not 510g but aluminium quality is much poor compared to 7075 T6 from KH Moment and Onza Tensile.

nb : no Q-Factor on QU-AX compared to KH and Onza

You’re thinking of the other Qu-ax cranks; they make two of them. The lightweight aluminum ones you mentioned come standard on most of the UDC unicycles with ISIS hubs, but they’re not strong enough for heavy trials/muni/etc. The ones posted by Emile.m are made from chromoly and are strong enough for just about anything.

You’re right, I forgot the recent QU-AX Chromoly version;) Do you know if they have some Q-factor as I don’t like the straight QU-AX aluminium compared to the KH Moment ?

Not sure about having the same q-factor as KH cranks, but they do have some. Mine are 125s, and they are the new nub-less ones. The ones pictured on UDC have a bigger nub, but these are what they ship:


Nope, you are wrong. qu-ax 145mm are 510g becuse i weight them :smiley:

I just weighed some QU-AX 145 mm ISIS cranks and they came in at 378 g for the pair. These are the inexpensive Al ones:

But, for 92$… je crois pas que sa te tenterai :stuck_out_tongue:

233g each…


Test 1 went well.

These things look badass.

P.S, I am pretty sure 612(pair for 137s) is not accurate. If not then these drilled are less than what my scale read out.

Those look so badass! And light!
How much does your whole uni weigh?

What kind of pedals are those? How do you like them?

Not sure about the whole uni weight.

Pedals are Odyssey twisted plastics. I like them alot.

Are those your flat only cranks or what?

If these don’t break it’s proof moments are too strong and not light enough lol.

Depends on what you use them for. With my harsh landings, complete unsmoothness and lack of technique, I bet I could.

Naw, I want to see how much they can take. I am pretty light, tho.

What kind of machine did you use to cut them out? I’m really tempted to keep my K1 stuff now and try that out on them.

I had them done by a professional welder/blacksmith/metal worker. I believe he used a mill for most of it.