Crank Thread

The thread where the pedal screws into the crank is worn out due to the pedal becoming loose. Now all the pedal does inside it is wobble when I use it. Any suggestions on how I’d go about inexpensively repairing it or would it be more worth my while ordering new cranks?

Maybe a helicoil.… Although for that much you might as well get new cranks if it is a cortless hub you got.

Yeah… $35 for a helicoil and more work vs. new cranks… I think the cranks win.

Any recommendations for where online I should get them? I’m probably going to talk to the people in the bike shop I get the uni from and see if they can order some in for me.

Sorry about that dude I took a nap. Here are a ton of cranks. all of those should work if you run cortless. I never owned a cortless hub so I have no idea about the cranks so maybe somebody else could chime in. Oh yeah welcome to the forums bro.

I got a set of 140 sugino cranks

They cost middling, but look real good, polished forged alum. Have about 10 mm q factor.
I 'm a big fan of A E B. They have the best prices on good stuff I have found. A lot of people get sick of me mentioning it, but don’t post better links themselves. :roll_eyes: I am always looking for a better deal. Welcome to the forum.:slight_smile:

A helicoil would work

But isn’t worth the time and $ in this application, go with new cranks IMHO.