Crank suggestions/questions (street advice but all welcome)? Plus Europe...

Well I stripped the right crank in my 03 Kh set so its time for an upgrade, (once I get it fixed it will be for sale, make an offer now an beat the rush). I have two questions regarding cranks:

~ 1. 127 or 140, I’ve ridden 140’s for my unicycling career, about a year, and I’m wondering how easy the switch will be. I’m thinking 127’s cause I’m making a move away from trials and predominantly going for street but I’m wondering how easy the transition is and if its a good idea. I’m also worried about the fact of not liking them. I rode my bro’s a little and they seemed good but I never did anything hard or big for fear of breakage.

~2. b) Is anyone from this side of the pond (NA) going over to that side (EURO) any time soon? Or is anyone from there coming here anytime soon? I’d be interested in getting a Koxx hub/crankset (no Q, ISIS, cheaper than KH/Onza) but really don’t wanna pay import and all that junk, and was hoping someone could take it back I would pay shipping from where ever you were on this side and there might be a little something for your troubles {$;)}. Or is there a NA distributor I checked there site a bit but it got really annoying so I didn’t stay long, everything was slanty and cutoff.

~2. a) KH/Onza or Koxx, should I go through the trouble for the Koxx all be cause of lack of Q factor mostly? Does it make that much of a difference? I’ve heard some riders say they would like no Q, and that Q is harder for crankflips and grinds but I’m not sure, (crankflips I’m learning and getting close, grinds (handrails) I plan on going bigger soon).

So for recap:

  1. 127 or 140
  2. b) Anyone travelling from Europe
    a) Koxx or KH


PS. Sorry for long title.

I like 127s for street, you can go faster, turn quicker and sharper and there’s not as much ‘wobble’, the transition from 140s to 127s wasn’t that bad it took me maybe a day to get used to

i am thinking about selling my kh/onza crank set and buying a koxx hub and cranks, so if you are interested in a used kh/onza hub and crank set i might be selling one with 127mm cranks

Yeah I sent you a PM. Its good to hear stuff from good riders.

I’m thinking 127 so I’ll just go for it and KH/Onza cause I really don’t wanna pay import on Koxx, but we’ll see. I need to order whatever it is in a week cause I am suffering some major withdrawl, but my BC has majorly improved.


I ride 110s on my 28, and was off-roading on it this evening. I ride 150s on the Coker, and have ridden off road, as well as racing the clock on tarmac. I use 150s on my 26, but I’ve done long distance, on and off road on a 24 on 102s. I use 110s or 125s on my 20, which is only for playing about on. It matters less than you might think.

The difference between 140s and 127s is fine tuning. Longer = more torque; shorter = smoother and more nimble. After a week, you’ll be used to them.