crank stall to rubber 24x3

Hi there,
After a bit of a break from uni-ing i’m back into the swing of things and have mainly been working on rolling hops and seat out hops. i’m doin trials/street on a fairly heavy 24x3 muni with profiles and am wondering if anyone has tips for getting from crank stall to rubber on such a machine. seat out or in? etc. i can do it on a 20" but the extra size and weight is pissin me off any help?

I think seat out is the way to go unless you can hop pretty high seat in.

I can do crank stall/grab to rubber on my Summit very consistently. I can only do seat in hops (barely can do a curb seat out).

I surprised myself a while back doing crank grab/stall to rubber on my 24x3 Gazz Muni.

This may sound painfully obvious but remember learning crank grab to rubber on the 20? You just had to keep trying to hop a little higher and retract a bit better until you got it.

The additional height needed is “only” 1 1/2 inches. A little harder hop and a little more retraction and you’ll be up to rubber with the Muni soon enough.

Regarding seat out; I understand pedal grab to rubber is easier seat out but is crank grab to rubber any easier seat out?

since you’re not on the tire, you don’t get any bounce to propel you upwards. it’s just yourself jumping up. clearly you could jump high enough to clear it, but I personally think it’s easier to jump not as high, but pull up and bend your knees to get the tire on.

For me to do it,crankstall,I bend me knees down low and SPRING back up.

yeah. its all about compression, since you have no bounce from the tire to help you. with proper compression, you could go to rubber on a 29er (like me). go seat out, bend down then spring up. good luck.