Crank stall/crank to tyre... can't remember what it's called

I can’t remember what it is called, but I’m having trouble where you stall your crank/pedal on say a ledge or something, and then you rotate the wheel round a bit and then hop onto the ledge landing on your tyre? what is the name of it?
Basically, where I am stuck is that I can stall with the crank on the ledge I want to get up, then I rotate the tyre so there is less to hop, but I just can’t seem to then get onto the ledge with the tyre. Any help?

Stall to rubber.

All you have to do is follow these simple and easy steps, okay?

  1. Stall on ledge
  2. Get confortable.
  3. put all weight on pedal
  4. jump as if you were jumping with one foot on the ground, only on your unicycle.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

It helps to jump seat out, then once you are on the ledge you’ve gotta jump and pull up on the seat (seat still seat out).

I found it easier to learn seat in…
Seat out means you need to have more control over the uni.

Well, sounds like your talking about either a peddle grab or a crank climb. I can’t really do a peddle grab but for me a crank climb is easier for me. I do it with the seat out, I find there to be more leverage and you can pull the uni up more to get to rubber. the difference between a peddle grab and a crank climb is that a peddle grab is where you jump and land on the peddle to spin the unicycle up closer to the top of the ledge, I have a hard time with that one just because for me its not as stable. but as for the crank climb, you just jump and stall on the whole crank and then I specifically tend the tilt the uni into the ledge a little just cuz for me it makes me feel closer to the top of the ledge, anyway, thats where i just bend my legs and jump while pulling the uni up. once again, i find the crank climb more stable, peddle grab is harder for me.

Do you hop to your front or your back foot?

I wrote a bit of a tutorial for someone a while ago…

I hope you like reading :wink:

Crank and pedal grabs are useful to be able to do but they don’t really help to push your riding and are sort of frowned upon by some riders as cheating. Its best not to just pedal grab to everything, try and push yourself and go straight to rubber. I only rarely pedal grab things, if I’m out riding urban I may but at home on my course I don’t. Also try not to grab stone or metal, wood is normally fine but grabbing hard stuff doesn’t ever do your pedals any good. Like with grinding, try and pick one side of the pedal to grab to.

I learnt crank grabs first because I thought they would be easier, then I learnt pedal grabs and now I only really use pedal grabs. I think both are easier done SIF but as your still riding SI, learn them that way. Doing them SIF is slightly easier because it allows you to move and lean easier without the seat restricting you.

Crank grabs shouldn’t take you long so I would recommend learning them first, for quick success. Start small, the hop is the same, just lean in a fair amount. Make sure you transfer your weight to the foot that is on the object, if you dont the wheel rotate, lukily for you you will fall forward, when i was learning I fell strait on my butt.

You will probably find you keep falling away from the object after you have landed, lean into it a bit more, your momentum should help, also, using your free hand, as soon as you land, stick it right out.

Once your on it and balanced you need to tuck down a little and, mainly with the foot that is on the object, pop up. This takes time to grasp but if you spend a good bit of time on it you should get it pretty easy, you need to try not to push off with your free foot. Pull up on the saddle and try and tuck rather than hop.

That’s basically it.

Pedal grabs…

I favour pedal grabs over crank grabs, there’s like no risk of over-shooting and bending the flanges on your hub, you can get slightly higher and its easier when going for small stuff like rails and posts.

The only difference is the landing and going back to rubber. With crank grabs you can get away with putting some weight on the free pedal if your slightly off balance. with pedal grabs, as you land the unicycle wants to swing down and you cant do that. all your weight goes to the foot that on the object. So yea its harder to balance, no real biggy, you get used to it.

Getting up was pretty hard at first, I struggled to get the pop. The way I learnt was by swinging the uni, at the pedal, just rocking it back and forth, building up momentum. Then when I was ready, as it came up to and connected with my free/loose foot (which I just held out) I would pull up on the saddle and flick up onto the object. Now I don’t have to swing it at all and I can just quickly pop up but I could never do it before. I dont see why this technique wont work for you hopping towards your back foot, give it a good try and let me know how it goes. If all else fails it is easy to shuffle from your pedal to your crank and just hop up from the crank grab.

So yea, hope that all helps, go out give it a good try, if you have any questions just let me know. Good luck.

Sorry, reading that gave me the shits.

What??? How did that give you the shits? I think its more likely you ate some dodgy food or something.

the main problem i see is,when they go to hop to rubber,they applied pressue to the pedals and they lose balance ill make a tutorial tommrow since i found them hard to learn.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies guys.
I’ll go out now and practice. It seems like a good skill to have for trials and since I want to get into trials

I agree, however there are many on here that will argue against them.
They are fun to do, and its always a good challenge to see what you can grab onto then get to rubber!
Good luck :slight_smile:

Looks to me like your on the wrong site!!! here is where we talk about unicycling, not wigs!!!

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