Crank sizes and dropping

Increasing amounts of snow encouraged me to have a go doing some drops - falling off involved just getting covered in more snow rather than a coating of mud and slime.

I’m trying this rolling out of drops malarkey, but it isn’t half difficult… I just couldn’t get the wheel turning in time before the rest of me plummeted onto the other pedal and made me land stationary.

Is this where longer cranks would help, by making it easier to get the wheel turning? Or is it just practice? (Or both…)

The thought occured the other day that rolling out is probably easier if you do it while leaning forwards; I think I’ve been dropping while standing straight up due to the fear of the wheel slipping out behind before the jump, sending me diving over the edge headfirst, sans uni…

I’m not a drops person. Two feet up looks scary enough at the moment; I prefer the challenge of going upwards instead. That direction generally breaks stuff less, too! Still, I feel like I should look like I’m playing the part… :slight_smile:


longer cranks definatly make landing drops (rolling out or not) easier.
however unless you have splined cranks, then cranks over 125 bend realy easily.
if your still running youre trials unicycle with the cotterless cranks then just stick with the shorter cranks.

i used to use 150 cotterless cranks on my mod trials uni but they’d only last a coule of weeks before i bent them.

hey evilewan i thought you had profiles…


I believe it’s “sans monocycle”. That’s something very important i picked up in France:
unicycle = ultimate wheel
monocycle = unicycle



Eeek! Now I’m just confused… :slight_smile:


Yeah, well the French are always worried about their language getting corrupted by outsiders so I think we can safely ignore what they do and avoid confusion by using the terms we are accustomed to. :slight_smile:


I find that when doing drops, and you want to roll out, you either have to land on a down-sloped landing, pedal off the drop (half “switch” in the air), or hop off but with some foreward momentum.If you drop flat, and are barely moving, then it’s harder to roll out, but still possible. Hope that helps.


Definitely. NowI just need to pluck up the courage to ride off ledges without stopping… :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

dont worry about that,just lean back and prepare for sit down mode and all is good…

Uh ? Just because they did not exist in 1066, Britons have had to invent their own words to depict n-wheel cycles long after the battle at Hasting.

I have never seen the word unicycle in a French dictionnary !

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i still remember the darkness before the Profiles, it was nasty.