crank saving invention

well it isnt relly an invention more of an idea that actually works see there is this stuff called heat shrink which is bassicaly this kinda plastic/rubber tubed that shrink when you heat them up. well at my work they have a shit load of this stuff so I bassical cut pices to go onto my cranks so when you crank grab or sometin it doesnt chew up your crank and it works. but if you are going to do it make sure to apply 3 layers and makes sure it the black thick stuff

here is what this marvelous product looks like


sounds cool, do you have a pic of it after its been put on the cranks and heated?

that’s a pretty good idea… but I’ve heard people complain about how crank grabbing scratches up their crank arms, though if you can’t see the crank arms, then it doesn’t really matter that they’re scratched up, does it…?

well i would imagine if you scratched something thats rubbery/plasticky then it wouldn’t look as ugly as if you scratched up a colored metal/alloy crank. Plus if you scratch up the heat shrink, you could just slip on another one.

I will get a pic soon battery for camera is chrging

That stuff will be useless unless you place a piece of scrap steel under it. I would use a thin piece of 1/32" stainless sheet steel (stainless so it doesn’t rust as badly) under it. or you can just leave your cranks alone since yopu won’t damage them with pedalgrab anyways.

I used to protect my monty cranks since pedalgrabs really did hurt them badly, but then I gave up and stopped pedalgrabbing on them.

Personally I like the look of scratches…it gives the cranks more character. :slight_smile: I’m keen to see pics of it on the cranks though.


that’s what I always say… no one wants a clean unicycle. no one.


i mean. i like having a brand spanking unicycle… but when it gets put to use… you want to know you are using it.

and scrtaches, to unicycles, are like scars to us humans

cooler than clean pefrect shiny cranks

well here are thpics the tape is just there and there is a little pice of aluminum under there

Looks like it could mess you up pretty bad while grinding, instead of helping in any way.

I too like my uni’s to either be perfect, or battle scarred.

I have a different uni for grinding and also my cranks were getting really vad and rusting in places also this is mostly a test we will se how long it lasts but it seems to hold up fine right now

Why not cut an inner-tube in half and then down the middle (making a long piece of rubber). Then wrap your crank while pulling the tube a tightly as possible? It would be alot tighter than that shrink wrap and mouch more protective. This is what I do to the chainstay on all my mountain bikes.

That does look disgusting. What’s the point of always protecting your cranks with that awful looking piece of rubber? Your cranks will always look bad. Either with the rubber, or the visible scratches without it.

This is like the people who never remove the plastic from the display of their cell phones to protect the display. They can never really enjoy the brightness and clearness of the display, but it’s protected.

I like to grind, and I like to ‘see’ that my uni does more than actually riding forth and back.

No offense, I just don’t understand why you would want to protect something from scratches, that is intended to be scratched.


beleive me its more than scratches its like alll chewed up and shit

I’m not a native speaker, and I agree, that it is more like ‘all chewed up and shit’ :slight_smile:
Nevertheless: I like that better than this protection thingy (beyond that I don’t have a dedicated grind-unicycle).

I don’t do anything that would damge my cranks, and I do quite like the look of a well used uni.

but if i had to choose between looks and having cranks with sharp gouges taken out of them that are gonna cut my ankle up, I’ll cover it up with heatshrink anyday

I wonder how duck tape would hold up.
Good duck tape has a nylon type strand in it.
I’ve used it to protect stuff.

2 layers would work well I bet, and applies alot faster.